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Barry SherwoodBarrie Sherwood was born in Hong Kong in 1971. His first novel, The Pillow Book of Lady Kasa (DC Books, 2000) was praised by the Canadian Book Review Annual as “a delightful introduction to the attitudes and amusements of Japan’s ancient courtly society. History has rarely been easier to read.” Escape from Amsterdamappeared in 2007. He lives in York, England, and is currently at work on a new novel.



Books by Barrie Sherwood
Escape from Amsterdam


Aozora’s been playing too much mah-jong and now he’s deep in debt. When Aunt Okane (‘big money’) dies and leaves a collection of priceless ukiyo-e prints to him and his sister – Mai – he thinks his problems are solved.

But Mai’s disappeared and he can’t liquidate the estate without her. So begins a picaresque quest that takes Aozora to the deep south of Japan and the surreal setting of a Dutch theme park called Amsterdam …

“Dryly comic, utterly laconic. Sherwood is just as happy to reference the bizarre world of a Murukami novel as he is the ridiculously OTT gun-fests of Pulp Fiction. Crucially though, he shapes these modern ciphers into a strange – and engagingly literary – coming-of-age novel, too. A great escape.” Metro

“Edgy, sexy, and comic, with plenty of zip” Financial Times

“Energetically and elegantly written … Sherwood is an immensely readable talent.”Irish Times

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US: St Martin’s Press

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