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Shaun Bythell

Shaun Bythell

Shaun runs Wigtown’s The Bookshop, the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland set in its only officially designated ‘National Book Town’. When not working amongst The Bookshop’s mile of shelving, Shaun’s hobbies include eavesdropping on customers, uploading book-themed re-workings of Sugarhill Gang songs to YouTube and shooting Amazon Kindles in the wild.

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The Diary of a Bookseller

Profile, August 2017

Shaun Bythell, owner of Wigtown’s The Bookshop, charts the highs and lows of a year in the life of a man passionate and knowledgeable about books, struggling to make a living in rural Britain in the age of Amazon. He travels the country in search of rare books, strikes deals, tries to manage gloriously eccentric members of staff, deals with awkward tourists and loyal customers, and muses on the differences between bookselling now and in 1936 when George Orwell was writing his ‘Bookshop Memories’. It’s a glimpse into a life spent amongst shelves, negotiating his way between books, booklovers and customers asking where the café is…

Ron Butlin

Ron Butlin

Twitter: @RonButlinMakar

Ron Butlin was born in Scotland, studied at Edinburgh University, and has an international reputation as a prize-winning novelist. Before taking up writing full-time he was, at various times, a lyricist with a pop band, a barnacle scraper on Thames barges, a footman attending embassies and country houses, and a male model. A freelance journalist for the Sunday Herald, Ron currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife and their dog.

Children’s Books by Ron Butlin

Ron Butlin - Day of  the Trolls

Day of the Trolls
Expected publication: August 2017 by Birlinn

It’s the Day of the Trolls: Fart-Fart and all the trolls are back! Join them in the shopping mall where they go wild, causing havoc as they overrun the place. But when they follow sign saying All Trolls – This Way, things turn out very differently to what Flycatcher, Bumscratcher, SnotFace, Squeer and the rest of them expected …

Ron Butlin - Steve and FranDan-Take on the World
Steve & FranDan Take on the World
Published May 2017 by Birlinn

Steve has had enough – enough of cyber-bullies, enough of adults messing up the world. Sharp-witted Fran and her brother worry-wart Dan feel exactly the same. And so, along with his dog Nessie, Steve and the FranDan twins leave town in the dead of night to start on the biggest adventure of their lives …

But if things were bad before, they soon get worse. Much, much worse. Some seriously bad men show up. Why have Steve and Dan been overpowered and led away as prisoners? Why are they kept tied up in the barn of a disused farm?

Having managed to escape, and with no way to call for help, Fran knows it’s up to her to mount a one-woman rescue.

A riotous adventure story aimed at readers aged 10+.

Ron Butlin - Here Come the Trolls!


Here Come the Trolls!
What happens when your house is invaded by trolls – mischievous creatures who do nothing but cause havoc and mayhem?
Published by Birlinn Ltd, 2015

Patrick ‘Packie’ Bonner

Packie BonnerAn Irish national hero – a Celtic great and their most-capped player – Patrick ‘Packie’ Bonner was a one-club man who made more appearances for that club than any other goalkeeper. He won numerous league and cup titles at Celtic, including the centenary double in 1988. He also played 80 times for the Irish national team, appearing at two World Cups and one European Championship. Perhaps his greatest moment would come in front of a global audience during the Italia ’90 World Cup tournament when he became the penalty shoot-out hero of the nation by saving a spot-kick that took the Irish to the quarterfinals stage. He is now a technical consultant to Uefa, and works in the media as a football analyst for Sky and the BBC. His memoir will be published by Ebury Press in October 2015.

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George Mackay Brown

George Mackay Brown

George Mackay Brown (1921 – 1996) was one of the greatest Scottish writers of the twentieth century. A prolific poet, admired by such fellow poets as Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney, he was also an accomplished novelist, dramatist and a master of the short story. Bar a brief period in Edinburgh, where he associated with the ‘Rose Street’ crowd including Hugh MacDiarmid, Norman MacCaig and others, Mackay Brown spent most of his life in Orkney, and his work is saturated with references to his native islands. As Seamus Heaney wrote, in Mackay Brown’s work everything was passed ‘through the eye of the needle of Orkney’.

He died in April 1996 at the age of 74. In 2005 a memorial plaque to Brown was unveiled in the Writer’s Museum in Edinburgh, engraved with a quotation from his best-known poem, ‘Hamnavoe’:

In the fire of images
Gladly I put my hand.

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Selected Books by George Mackay Brown

Much of Mackay Brown’s work is available in paperback, published by Polygon ( and as ebooks by Hachette.

Stephen Blackmoore

Stephen Blackmoore
Stephen Blackmoore is a Los Angeles-based writer of crime and horror. His short stories have appeared in the magazines PLOTS WITH GUNS, SPINETINGLER, THRILLING DETECTIVE, SHOTS, and DEMOLITION. He has also written essays on Los Angeles politics and crime for the website LAVOICE.ORG ( and the LA Noir true crime blog ( His work also appears in the anthology UNCAGED edited by Jen Jordan through Bleak House Books. CITY OF THE LOST is his first novel.

Books by Stephen Blackmoore

City Of The Lost
A debut dark uban fantasy. Fast-paced, funny and creatively violent. Joe Sunday’s dead. He just hasn’t stopped moving yet.
Sunday’s a thug, an enforcer, a leg-breaker for hire. When his boss sends him to kill a mysterious new business partner, his target strikes back in ways Sunday could never have imagined. Murdered, brought back to a twisted half-life, Sunday finds himself stuck in the middle of a four-hundred-year-old revenge plot centered around an ancient stone with the power to grant immortality. With it, he might live forever. Without it, he’s just another rotting extra in a George Romero flick.
Everyone’s got a stake in finding the stone, from a psycho Nazi wizard and a razor-toothed midget, to a nympho-demon bartender, a too-powerful witch who just wants to help her homeless vampires, and the one woman who might have all the answers—if only Sunday can figure out what her angle is. Before the week is out he’s going to find out just what lengths people will go to for immortality. And just how long somebody can hold a grudge.
World Rights: DAW Books
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Sean Bridges

Sean Bridges is a former businessman who was imprisoned for four years for fraud and served time in some of Britain’s toughest jails. An accomplished rugby player, Bridges made his business name in the commercial side of professional sport before his imprisonment. He is married with two grown-up daughters.

Books by Sean Bridges

Better to Be Feared
Sean Bridges was a middle-aged businessman who, having pled guilty to perpetrating a fraud involving a fake business contract, was plunged into the dark world of life inside some of Britain’s hardest jails. Never having had any contact with criminal justice previously, Bridges’ adjustment to life behind bars raises many questions and forces him to confront the daily round of violence and drugs abuse within these maximum security prisons in a way which he never, ever considered.

Bridges’ life inside explodes when he witnesses another con being badly beaten by three scumbags. He plans revenge and carries his plans out with military efficiency. This is not the story of another white-collar criminal’s time inside. It is a fascinating personal account of the reasons why the criminal justice system fails society today. That system has changed Sean Bridges forever.
World Rights: Mainstream

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Richard Bath

Richard Bath is a freelancer writer, contributing to several magazines, including Rugby World, Inside Edge, Golf magazine and Inside Sport. A former Scottish Sports Journalist of the Year – and until recently the sports editor of Scotland on Sunday, he has also published two books: the highly-acclaimed Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Rugby and the guide to the 1995 Rugby World Cup, which sold 67,000 copies. An all-round sports nut who has worked for national newspapers and magazines for the past 15 years, he likes sports which give combatants the chance to (literally) die for the cause. He lives in Ayrshire with his wife and three kids.

Books by Richard Bath

Behind Enemy Lines – Sir Tommy Macpherson with Richard Bath
With three MCs, three Croix de Guerre, a Legion d’Honneur and a papal knighthood for his heroics during the Second World War, Sir Tommy Macpherson is the most decorated soldier in the history of the British Army. For 65 years, the Highlander’s story has remained untold. Few know how, aged 21, he persuaded 23,000 SS soldiers of the feared SS Das Reich tank column to surrender, or how Tommy almost single-handedly stopped Tito’s Yugoslavia annexing the whole of northeast Italy. Still a schoolboy when war broke out, Tommy quickly matured into a legendary commando. Twice captured, he escaped both times, marching through hundreds of miles of German-held territory to get home. With a dizzyingly diverse roll call of characters, including Winston Churchill, General Tito, Charles de Gaulle and Clement Freud, Behind Enemy Lines is an astonishing story of how an ordinary boy came to achieve truly extraordinary feats when war came calling.
World Rights: Mainstream

Notorious: The Maddest and Baddest Sportsmen on the Planet
The book of sporting lunacy … including:
Prinya Charoenpal, one of the most talented kick-boxers in the sport’s history, who wore make-up and pink nail polish, broke down when asked to strip for the weigh-in, pummelled the opponent who made the mistake of mocking her with a camp embrace, and who fought solely to get the money for a sex-change operation.
Jack ‘Hacksaw’ Reynolds, the San Francisco 49-ers linebacker during the ‘80s, who once got plastered after losing a college game, went out to the car park with a hacksaw, and cut someone’s car in half.
The Brazilian football star Edmundo, infamous on the pitch for beating up fans, referees and journalists, and making his name off it by crashing his truck and killing three people, and being arrested for force-feeding beer to a chimpanzee at his son’s birthday party. Closer to home, the likes of Roy Keane, Alex Higgins, Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne are all featured in this wildly captivating, and often shocking, collection of crazed sports celebrities.
World Rights: HarperCollins
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Nicola Barry

Nicola Barry is a feature writer and columnist. She has won 25 press awards, including Columnist of the Year in Scotland three times. She is a graduate of the celebrated MPhil course in Creative Writing at Glasgow University. She lives in Edinburgh.

Books by Nicola Barry

MOTHER’S RUIN is a devastating account of a childhood lost to a mother’s drinking. Nicola Barry, now a successful and well-known journalist, was brought up in Edinburgh; both her parents were doctors. But behind the doors of their home, Nicola’s mother was drinking herself to death. Her alcoholism was to have far-reaching and tragic consequences on the whole family. But as well as being a harrowing story of addiction, the book is also a very vivid and engaging picture of a dysfunctional family, warmly told, and by turns touching and bleakly funny.

‘Small moments of aching sadness are told without self-pity, and the author’s humour, sympathy and love for her damaged mother shine through in an ultimately uplifting read’ – Aberdeen Evening Express

World volume rights: Headline
Publication : July 2007
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Ned Boulting

Ned Boulting
Ned Boulting started his broadcasting career at Sky in 1997, working as a reporter alongside Jeff Stelling on the now legendary show Soccer Saturday. In 2006 he was given the Royal Television Society’s Sports Reporter of the Year Award. He has presented two Tours of Britain for ITV, as well as the inaugural Tour Series, and contributed features and live reports on eight Tours de France.

Books by Ned Boulting

How I Won the Yellow Jumper
A funny and frank account of falling in love with the Tour de France by television’s quintessential roving reporter, Ned Boulting. Follow Ned Boulting’s (occasionally excruciating) experiences covering the world’s most famous two-wheeled race. His story offers an insider’s view of life behind the scenes of the Tour, as well as detailing the complexities and absurdities of reporting on the race and confronting the most celebrated riders – Cavendish, Wiggins, Armstrong et al – seconds after they cross the line. Eight Tours on from Ned’s humbling debut, he has grown to respect, mock, adore and crave the race in equal measure. What’s more, he has even started to understand it.

World Rights: Yellow Jersey Press
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Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont
Mark was born on New Year’s Day 1983, and brought up on an organic farm in the Scottish Highlands. Home schooled until high school age, he formed an early and strong affinity with the outdoors. At age twelve he cycled across Scotland – from Dundee to Oban – raising thousands of pounds for charity; and he followed this – at age fifteen – with the 1038 miles between John O’ Groats and Lands End.  Mark studied Economics and Politics at Glasgow University before beginning preparations for his round the world cycle.

Books by Mark Beaumont

The Man Who Cycled the Americas

The story of a 15,000 mile expedition that once again broke the barriers of human achievement. To pedal the longest mountain range on the planet, solo and unsupported, presented its own unique difficulties. But no man had ever previously climbed the continents’ two highest peaks, Mt McKinley in Alaska and Aconcagua in Argentina, in the same season, let alone cycling between them.  Full of his trademark charm, warmth and fascination with seeing the world at the pace of a bicycle.

World Rights: Transworld
Publication Date: June 2009

The Man Who Cycled the World

On 15 February 2008, Mark Beaumont pedalled through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. 194 days and 17 hours previously, he had begun his attempt to circumnavigate the world in record time. Mark smashed the Guinness World Record by an astonishing 81 days. He had travelled more than 18,000 miles on his own through some of the harshest conditions one man and his bicycle can endure, camping wild at night and suffering from constant ailments. “The Man Who Cycled the World” is the story not just of that amazing achievement, but of the events that turned Mark Beaumont into the man he is today. From the early years of his free-spirited childhood in the Scottish countryside to present day, he has been equally determined not to settle for an average existence, but to break free and follow his dreams.

World Rights: Transworld

The Hard Way Round

This the story of the first competitive attempt at one of the last great circumnavigation World Records – the first time a man has cycled over 18,000 miles in under 200 days around the world. It is a tale of incredible endurance, and a fascinating insight into many of the world’s countries and cultures.  This is a story of ambition; of mental and physical endurance; a true story of ‘punter to pro’; as well as a unique insight into the world we share. It will go beyond Mark’s hugely popular BBC documentary ‘The Man Who Cycled the World’.

World Rights: Transworld
Publication Date: June 2009

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