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Lionel Birnie

Lionel Birnie
Lionel Birnie is a sportswriter who covers cycling for Britain’s two leading cycling magazines, Cycle Sport and Cycling Weekly, as well as for The Sunday Times. He is also the author of Enjoy the Game, which tells the tale of Watford FC’s rise to the top of English football in the Eighties under Elton John and Graham Taylor, published by his own Peloton Publishing. Lionel is the ghost writer for cycling track legend Rob Hayles’ memoir Easy Rider: My Life on a Bike, due to be published by Bantam Press in June 2013.

enjoy-the-game     easy-rider

Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes

Emma was born and raised in Edinburgh, spending hours making up stories for her younger sister. Her first writing success as an adult was when she won a short story competition – the prize was a pair of shoes. Nowadays she wears them for school visits, where her aim is always to spark children’s imaginations and create a passion for writing and stories.
Twitter: @EmmaBarnesWrite

Books by Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes - Chloe's Secret Fairy Godmother Club
Chloe’s Secret Fairy Godmother Club

Expected publication: July 2017 by Scholastic

Eliza’s not sure about the news that she is going to be a big sister, but when her friends Chloe and Aisha say that they can practise by becoming fairy godmothers, a new club is born: The Secret Fairy Godmother Club. But the three friends soon find out that being a fairy godmother isn’t easy, especially when their homemade love potion goes wrong and their magical makeover doesn’t turn out quite so magical after all. Can the Club fix everything in time before the new baby arrives?

Emma Barnes - Chloe's Secret Princess Club
Chloe’s Secret Princess Club

Published September 2016 by Scholastic

Chloe never means to get into trouble but sometimes her plans get a little out of control. With her two best friends, she forms a Secret Club dedicated to making their dreams come true – but fantasy and reality don’t always mix!

Wild Thing - Emma Barnes
Wild Thing
She’s a demon child She’s not meek and mild She’s wild! Kate has a problem. It’s called Wild Thing. Wild Thing is Kate’s little sister. Kate’s tried to get her rid of her, but the problem is no-one else would have her. When Wild Thing’s not getting things stuck up her nose, she’s biting people’s bottoms and scaring the neighbours. All in all, she’s a pain in the bum – quite literally. So when it’s time for Wild Thing to start school, Kate is understandably nervous – especially when Wild Thing comes downstairs dressed in her favourite Rock Chick outfit (complete with wig…). On her first day at school Wild Thing: refuses to sit down, plays air guitar while the other children are singing sweetly, and chops her hair off in Arts and Crafts. She’s so wild she even gets into the local newspaper!
Scholastic, 2014, World

Wild Thing Gets A Dog - Emma Barnes
Wild Thing Gets A Dog
She’s a demon child She’s not meek and mild She’s wild! Wild Thing and Kate want a dog. So when Dad’s friend, Wes, goes on tour in America with his band, Wild Thing volunteers to look after his trusty Hound Dog. But if there’s anything that can make Wild Thing even more noisy, messy, mischievous and downright wild, it’s Hound Dog. When Wild Thing starts walking on all fours, barking at the neighbour’s cat, and refusing to eat ‘human’ food, Dad knows that things have got completely out of hand. But then he’s invited to join the band in the US, and it’s up to Gran to try and discipline Wild Thing and Hound Dog. Kate’s too busy rehearsing for the Talent Show. What she doesn’t realise is that Wild Thing and Hound Dog have been preparing a special performance of their own…
Scholastic, 2014, World

The Girl from Hard Times Hill - Emma Barnes
The Girl From Hard Times Hill
When Megan’s father finally returns from Occupied Germany in the years following World War II, she should be pleased – shouldn’t she? But she hardly knows her father, and his arrival means moving out of Nana’s house into the city. Megan hates the changes to her life, yet when she has the opportunity to be the first member of her working-class family to go to Grammar School, it is her dad who is behind her all the way. Can Megan adapt to her new life, and take advantage of a changing Britain?
A & C Black, 2014, World


Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher

This was first published in 2001 to great critical acclaim.  It has now been reissued with new illustrations from the award-winning Emma Chichester Clark.

Rights: Strident


How (Not) to Make Bad Children Good

Ever since she bit Santa when she was six months old, it’s been downhill all the way for Martha. Far away from earth, her behaviour comes to the attention of the Interstellar Agency, whose aim is to make bad children good, but Martha has other ideas…

Rights: Strident



Lucie has always longed for a dog.  But not one this big.  Or with such sharp teeth.  Or with such a hungry look in its eyes.  Lucie realise her new pet is not a dog … but a wolf, and a wolf with magic powers.

Rights: Strident

Thoroughly recommended. Funny, clever and very satisfying.” Books for Keeps

A lovely book” – The Bookbag

Other books by Emma Barnes:


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Declan Burke

Declan BurkeDeclan Burke was born in Sligo, Ireland, in 1969. He is the author of EIGHTBALL BOOGIE (Lilliput Press, Ireland, 2003) and THE BIG O (Hag’s Head, Ireland, 2007; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, USA, 2008). EIGHTBALL BOOGIE was longlisted for the Irish Book Awards in 2003; THE BIG O was shortlisted for the Last Laugh Award at the Bristol Crime Fest 2008. A freelance writer, Burke contributes to the Sunday Times, the Irish Times and the Sunday Independent, among others. He hosts a website dedicated to Irish crime fiction called Crime Always Pays. He lives in Wicklow with his wife Aileen and baby daughter Lily.

If you managed to somehow miss EIGHTBALL BOOGIE, do yourself a favour and catch THE BIG O. It’s faster than a stray bullet, wittier than Oscar Wilde and written by a talent destined for fame.”  – Irish Examiner

Books by Declan Burke

The Big Empty


Everyone wants something from Harry Rigby.   Finn Hamilton wants Rigby to be the sole witness to his nine-storey swan dive. The police want Rigby to explain why a man planning suicide had a fake passport and 5000 euros hidden in his toilet. The Hamilton family’s rapacious lawyer and his goon want Rigby to recover Finn’s laptop. Finn’s wealthy and sexually combustible mother wants Rigby to find Finn’s suicide note. And everyone wants a certain antique revolver.  All Harry Rigby wants is to drive his cab, deliver weed without interference, and be a father-figure to his son. But as the violence that surrounds the illicit sex and dirty money of the Hamilton family begins to swirl closer to home, Rigby will have to give everyone what they want or see the person he loves most sent into the big empty.

All rghts available

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David Belbin

David BelbinDavid Belbin has published numerous short stories in literary magazines and anthologies. He works part time as programme leader of the MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University and is an experienced speaker in public, on radio and TV. He edited a crime short stories anthology, ‘City Of Crime’ (Five Leaves), wrote a best selling guide to (’The eBay Book’, Harriman House) and now edits the Crime Express series of novellas for Five Leaves. He is best known for his many novels and short stories for Young Adults, including ‘Denial’, ‘Festival’ and ‘Love Lessons’. In the 90’s, he wrote a string of twenty crime novels, from ‘Shoot The Teacher’ to ‘Dead Guilty’ including a twelve novel sequence about young police officers, The Beat, for Scholastic, making him the company’s best selling UK author. He has a lively blog (and bibliography) at See also for full biographical details. 

Books by David Belbin

bone and caneBone And Cane

British crime has a new and unlikely pair of heroes: one of ‘Blair’s babes’ and a former dope-dealer. BONE AND CANE is a fast-paced crime novel set in Nottingham on the eve of New Labour’s landslide victory in 1997, when Sarah Bone, a female MP and her ex-boyfriend, Nick Cane, uncover a miscarriage of justice. After highlighting inconsistencies in the evidence against convicted double-murderer and cop killer, Ed Clark, Sarah successfully campaigns to get him released from prison. But it quickly becomes clear that she may have made a terrible mistake. Nick, meanwhile, finds himself working alongside Ed at Cane Cabs, his brother’s taxi company. As Nick and Sarah’s lives become increasingly tangled, they start to fall in love with each other all over again, despite the obstacles presented by her political career and his recent conviction. Not to mention the biggest obstacle of all, of course: Ed Clark. This is the first in a series of smart crime fiction with a social agenda that fans of David Peace, Richard Price and David Simon (THE WIRE) will love.

UK/Commonwealth (excl Canada): Tindal Street Press
Pub date: early 2011

14.21mmThe Pretender

A gripping writerly thriller … pacy and smart—Jackie Kay

From an early age, Mark Trace shows a remarkable talent for literary forgery. A gap year in Paris sees his skill exploited by an unscrupulous manuscript dealer. Hurrying home, Mark fetches up in London, working at one of the UK’s oldest literary magazines. That’s when the trouble really starts. Hemingway and Graham Greene are only the beginning. What starts as a prank soon becomes deadly serious. In this literary thriller David Belbin writes about originality, desire and literary ambition in the voice of a character with the capacity to deceive everyone, including himself.

UK/Commonwealth: Five Leaves
Italy: Il Saggiatore
Germany: Rowohlt
Israel: Achuzat
Pub date: Nov 2008

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David Barnes

David Barnes

David Barnes is a freelance journalist who specialises in rugby. Having been forced to retire from the game because of a knee injury he has covered club, pro-team and international rugby for Scotland on Sunday, the Sunday Herald, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Books by David Barnes

centre-of-excellenceJim Renwick: A Centre of Excellence

The authorised biography of one of Scotland’s finest ever rugby players.

On 15th January 1972, James Menzies Renwick made his international debut for Scotland against France at Murrayfield. He was 19-years-old. In the years that followed he became, arguably, the most talented rugby player ever to pull on a Scotland jersey. And his actions – both on and off the field – have made him one of the best known and popular characters in the rugby world.

Renwick is as revered now for his repartee and after dinner speaking, as he was for his incisive breaks on the park; and this intimate and revealing biography is sure to be one of the most entertaining and best loved sport’s biographies of recent years.

Publication Date: Autumn 2005
World Rights: Birlinn

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Allan Brown

Allan Brown

Allan Brown was born in Glasgow in 1967 and attended the city’s university. A former Scottish journalist of the year, he is the author of Inside the Wicker Man and Nileism: the Strange Course of the Blue Nile. His most recent books are The Glasgow Smile (Polygon, 2013), an encyclopedic presentation of the humourous side of the city, and 50 People Who Screwed Up Scotland (Constable, 2014), which takes a sardonic look at the nation’s cultural villains. He lives in Glasgow.

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Allan Brown - Glasgow Smile 50 People Who Screwed Up Scotland
Nileism_cover    Wicker-Man_cover

Alison Baverstock

Alison BaverstockAlison Baverstock (photo credit: began her career in publishing before setting up a marketing consultancy mainly specialising in the book business. Her writing grew out of her professional experience; she began by writing for publishers on how to market books (the job she did) and now mostly advises those who want to get published on how to achieve their dream (apparently the second most common new year’s resolution). She teaches Publishing and Creative Writing at Kingston University.

She is a regular interviewee on BBC Breakfast to talk about reading, writing and parenting, and has also appeared on Richard and Judy, Open Book, Quote…Unquote and Woman’s Hour. She regularly gives talks at writing festivals and helped found the Kingston Readers’ Festival.

She writes regularly for Writers’ Forum and Mslexia as well as articles for the national press.

Books by Alison Baverstock
Later! A guide to parenting a young adult
One minute you are taking your child to school, the next they’re turning into a young adult. It may seem like only months since you were first filling your child’s lunch box, but the school career moves with such momentum that it isn’t long before they are facing the challenges of further education, job hunting and living independently. This new book will help you to encourage self-reliance in your nearly grown children and prepare them for independence in the real world.
A straight-talking, practical guide… It is designed to help parents help their children, but there is a twist to it which I like – the authors also remind the mother or father in the picture not to forget to think about themselves as well. Sandi Toksvig OBE, writer, broadcaster, Chancellor – and mother of three
Piatkus, 2014

Whatever! A down-to-earth guide to parenting teenagers
Piatkus 2006

The Naked Author: A Guide to Self-Publishing

the-naked-author‘A clear-sighted, cogent and thorough analysis of a part of the business often fraught with emotional and financial perils. The case studies Alison Baverstock provides are especially illuminating and her dispassionate approach will prove a valuable asset for those who intend to or are interested in self-publishing’ Peter Straus, Literary Agent

Richly detailed and enormously useful … [Baverstock] covers every base in the DIY market. The Independent

New digital technology, falling production costs and a new type of company offering publishing services have contributed to self-publishing becoming a viable option for writers, rather than a poor second to finding a commercial publishing deal.  Written by a publishing consultant and author, with plenty of advice from other industry professionals, this book offers an objective analysis of the processes and companies involved in self-publishing. It helps you to analyse your objectives, define and meet the needs of your audience and looks at the right kind of content for self publishing.

It also provides insight into the editorial processes you will need to put your content through, how to commission services from freelancers and companies and how to get a product worthy of your name. It helps you to understand format and design options, and key issues concerning distribution, sales and marketing.  Self-publishing is a costly venture and this guide will help you to scrutinise your investment choices and produce a more professional-looking product.

A & C Black, 2011

It’s Not Fair : Parenting the Bright and Challenging Child

it's-not-fair-wWith Gill Hines

Can your child run rings around you, and always have the last word? Is your child strong-willed and very independent for his or her age? Do they refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then it is likely that you have a bright and challenging child. Whilst there are many positives to parenting such children, it can also be very demanding. IT’S NOT FAIR! is designed specifically for the parents of young children who are independent, risk-taking and hard to rein in. It will help you to: * Set and reinforce boundaries – and explain why you should * Identify the issues and risks that your child may face – and help them to prepare for them * Discuss sensitive issues together – such as sex and drugs * Help your child to be more aware of the needs of others.

September 2009 Piatkus

museum-art-gallery-wHow to get a job in a museum or art gallery

A&C Black, 2009

How To Get A Job in Publishing 
(with Susannah Bowen and Steve Carey)

A targeted, practical guide for anyone who wants to work in publishing, whether on traditional books and magazines or online publications. It includes working out if publishing is really for you; overviews of different types of publishing; explanations of different roles and departments, and advice from leading industry figures.

April 2008, A & C Black

How to Market Books: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Profit and Exploiting All Channels to Market

How to Market Books is often referred to as the ‘bible of book marketing’ and has been widely translated, including into Serbo-Croat and Chinese.

New edition January 2008, Kogan Page

Marketing Your Book: How to Target Agents, Publishers and Readers (Writing Handbooks)

Your book, however brilliant, will have to compete for attention with the 120,000 other titles that are published in Britain each year. Drawing on her extensive experience in book marketing, the author offers advice and encouragement on how to work with publishers and agents, or go it alone. Covering such topics as organizing a launch event, getting publicity in the local media, and keeping the momentum going after publication, it is up-to-date and eminently practical.
The good book guide, August 2007

Revised edition July 2007, A & C Black

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