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Joanne Nethercott

Joanne Nethercott
With a degree in illustration from Scotland, Joanne now lives in Cornwall where she can lose herself in a timeless world of fantastical creatures, mythical landscapes and imaginative narratives.

Books by Joanne Nethercott

Ginger Nut
Calum McGregor is a blond boy in a ginger family. His mum and dad have red hair, his big sister and brother have red hair, his grandpa had red hair before he went bald, and he even has a cat called Ginger. Calum is fed up with being the odd one out, so he takes matters into his own hands and decides to make his hair ginger!

Lost at the Zoo
Rory the pet mouse goes on a trip to Edinburgh Zoo in Sam’s pocket. He leans out to get a better look and falls into the anteater’s enclosure. How will wee Rory ever find Sam again in the enormous zoo?
World Rights: Floris

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Andrew Newbound

Andrew Newbound

Andrew first trained as a journalist and spent years working for local newspapers, writing mainly about music. More recently, he worked for some of the world’s biggest brands as a multi award-winning advertising copywriter. He lives in Yorkshire with his wife and three children.

Books by Andrew Newbound

Demon Strike

Tough talking Alannah Malarra isn’t afraid of ghosts; ghosts are afraid of her. The twelve-year old ghost hunter tracks them down, steals their precious treasure, and sells it for profit on eBay. But on a routine hunt, she stumbles into the middle of a raging battle between Angels and Poltergeists, and is is dragged into the spirit world’s age-old conflict, and forced to take sides.

World Rights: Chicken House


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