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Sylvia Patterson

Portrait by Rachael Wright

Portrait by Rachael Wright

Sylvia Patterson joined Smash Hits as Staff Writer aged 20 during its mid late 80s heyday when it sold a million copies a fortnight. Life thereafter as an acclaimed freelancer has seen her sprinkling irreverence throughout many publications including NME, The Face, Guardian Guide, The Observer, Sunday Times, Spin, Details, Mojo, Interview, The Word, Q and the UK’s biggest selling woman’s magazine Glamour.

Sylvia Patterson - I'm Not With The Band
Her first book – I’m Not With The Band – will be published by Sphere in June 2016.
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Andrew Perry

Andrew PerryAndrew Perry has been writing about popular music professionally for 25 years, but you could add another ten to include his early years on fanzines and student magazines. In the ’90s, he worked on indie magazine Select, rising to Deputy Editor. Since going freelance in 2000, he has written mostly for The Daily Telegraph, Q, Mojo and Numéro. His work has also appeared in titles in America, China, Japan and Australia. He’s now really living the dream, ghost-writing the autobiography of his teenage hero, John Lydon.

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Tom Pow

Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh in 1950. Primarily a poet, several of his collections have won awards and three of his poetry collections have been short-listed for Scottish Book of the Year. Most recently, Dear Alice – Narratives of Madness (Salt Publishing) won the poetry category in the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust’s Scottish Book Awards in 2009. He has also written young adult novels, picture books, radio plays and a travel book about Peru.

He has held various writing posts, including that of Scottish/Canadian Writing Fellow, based at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and Virtual Writer in Residence (Scotland’s first) for the Scottish Library Association’s Scottish Writers Project. He was the first ever Writer in Residence at the Edinburgh International Book Festival from 2001 to 2003. From 2000 to 2009, he worked for the University of Glasgow in Dumfries, latterly as Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and Storytelling. Tom is currently Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Glasgow University Dumfries and a part-time lecturer on Lancaster University’s distance learning Masters in Creative Writing.

Tom’s website:

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Selected Books by Tom Pow

Scabbit Isle
Corgi Children’s, January 2015

The first time Sam sees the mysterious figure of Janet she vanishes into the deserted fields beyond the town where nothing has ever been built. Sam learns that centuries before this was the place to which plague victims were banished – Scabbit Isle – a place of terror. With the help of Mr Carruthers, the old curator of the local museum, Sam gradually uncovers the horror of Janet’s story – consigned to Scabbit Isle by her cruel father and abandoned by her weak lover, Janet suffers without hope. She will continue to do so, if she can’t find someone who, for love, will risk all to enter the plague colony to release her. Janet seems to be beckoning Sam to help her and a tragedy within Sam’s own family brings Sam even closer to Janet’s fate. Janet is the same age that Sam’s twin sister Alice would have been had she not been killed in an accident. It is a loss from which Sam’s father, in particular, has never recovered. Can Sam summon up the courage to face the terrors of Scabbit Isle and, like Orpheus, venture into the underworld to bring Janet peace?

Praise for Scabbit Isle

Three strands of narrative are pleasingly woven together in this gentle and moving short novel
The School Librarian

This book is a rich and humbling experience on many levels


A Wild Adventure
Polygon, June 2014


Tom Pow’s beautiful, powerful poems examine the remarkable life of Thomas Watling. Watling was born in Dumfries in September 1762 and raised by a long-suffering maiden aunt. Convicted of forging Bank of Scotland one-guinea notes he was sentenced to fourteen years in the recently founded colony of Botany Bay in Australia. The first professional artist to arrive in the colony, Watling was seconded to its Surgeon General (and amateur naturalist) John White. His pioneer paintings of birds, animals and the landscape became some of the principal records of the earliest days of Australia. He was eventually pardoned, on 5 April 1797, and left Australia, eventually returning home to Dumfries. He died there, most likely in 1814.

Concerning the Atlas of Scotland: And Other Poems
Polygon, August 2014


Tom Pow spent six months as writer in residence at the National Library of Scotland Map Library in Edinburgh. He was so inspired by the collection that they hold and by the stories that they tell that he wrote a collection of poetry based on that experience. Published by Polygon but with input from the National Library and illustrated with details from the collection, this beautiful and quite haunting collection will be welcomed by map lovers as well as poetry lovers.

Praise for Concerning the Atlas of Scotland

This beautiful and quite haunting collection will be welcomed by map lovers as well as poetry lovers

In Another World
Polygon, June 2012


In one of the great defining moments in human history, more people now live in cities than in rural areas, and the effects of this depopulation and the plummeting birth-rate are being felt keenly throughout Europe, which has the fastest-declining population in the world. Tom Pow sets out to explore what this means in some of the most rapidly vanishing areas of Europe. From Spain to Russia, he uses the tools of his trade – travelogue, essay, story and poem – to make connections, not only with what he encounters in numerous dying villages, but to reflect on his own experiences of memory, identity and loss. In Another World is an open book: not an argument, but an invitation to remember, to reflect and to engage with one of the most significant social issues affecting Europe today.

Praise for In Another World

Through essays, photos, stories and poems, Pow eloquently charts the decline of Europe’s rural life
Financial Times

What could so easily have teetered towards a study weighed down by quotations and statistical analysis gleaned from his sources, is throughout a limber, engaging and enervated quest
The Scotsman


Richard Purden

Richard Purden
Richard Purden grew up in Edinburgh but with family roots in Limerick and the west of Scotland he always felt a strong connection to Irish literature, culture and of course, Celtic FC. While studying at the University of Stirling he began to write arts reviews for student magazine Brig and on graduating he was first published in the Celtic View, Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman, The Irish Examiner and The Irish Post. More recently he has contributed to Four Four Two, the Sunday Mail and the award-winning Herald Saturday magazine.

Books by Richard Purden

We Are Celtic Supporters
In We Are Celtic Supporters Richard Purden examines what created the culture, ideas and beliefs around Celtic football club. In new and exclusive interviews with supporters, he explores the Celtic way of life and the rich traditions that give context to much of the support while deconstructing some myths along the way.

As a travelling supporter he visits a variety of fans in locations such as New York, Spain, Germany, Italy and various parts of the UK. He talks to well-known Celtic supporters such as James MacMillan about the often misrepresented Catholic roots, to Pat Nevin about why he fell out of love with the club and to a number of well-known rock ‘n’ rollers such as Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie and Johnny Marr.

We Are Celtic Supporters gives the inside story of how major events in Celtic’s history have shaped the identity of the fans, and what it really means to follow this unique football club.
Headline, 2012

Steve W Parker

Steve W Parker
Steve Parker has been a journalist and magazine editor since the last 1980s, and for many years ran his own publishing company. In addition to writing books, he also writes scripts, directs videos and chairs events in the film and broadcast industries.

Books by Steve Parker

Jesus on Thy-face
“A wonderfully sustained parody, that you can safely give to both believers and non-believers.” The Bookseller
Ever wanted to know why Mary and Joseph settled on the name Jesus?
Or how Jesus’s head of catering reacted to the feeding of the 5,000?
Or the name of the anointing parlour where Mary Magdalene worked?
Jesus on ThyFace reveals the full story. Thanks to recently released extracts from the pages of, a little-known social networking site popular in the first century AD, we can now reveal firsthand the words of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, Pontius Pilate, Herod – even Satan! They were all ThyFace crazy: not a day went by when they weren’t updating their statuses, adding new friends, smiting one another, or just taking the ThyFace test: WHICH FRIENDS CHARACTER ARE YOU MOST LIKE?
Jesus on Thyface also offers a fascinating glimpse into biblical culture (witness the success of Fornication and the City in amphitheatres), tourism (discover the joys of Noah World and The Wilderness), and commerce (take out plague insurance or get the best deal on your livestock through
The Bible will never be the same again.
World Rights: Simon & Schuster
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Robin Pilcher

Robin Pilcher
Robin Pilcher was born in Dundee in 1950, the second child of Graham, a director of the family jute business, and the novelist Rosamunde Pilcher. Robin attended school in Dunfermline and Bristol before returning to Scotland to complete his education at the Dundee College of Commerce. Being described in The Publishing News as ‘having as many career changes as the River Thames has bends’, Robin has worked in his time as a cowboy, an assistant film cameraman, a farmer, a public relations and marketing consultant and a tennis coach. His first book, An Ocean Apart was published in 1999 and sold to 11 countries, as well as reaching the lower echelons of the best-seller lists in the UK and the USA. This was followed in 2002 by Starting Over, which reached #9 in the New York Times Bestseller Lists, A Risk Worth Taking in February 2004, and Starburst, which is set around the annual Edinburgh Festival, in 2008. The first three three books have been adapted for television. His latest novel is A Matter of Trust (2010, Sphere, published in US as The Long Way Home).

Robin divides his time between Scotland and Spain. He is a founder of the acclaimed short story site Shortbread.

Books by Robin Pilcher
an-ocean-apart   a-risk-worth-taking   starburst

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Meg & Catherine Pybus

A mother and daughter team – Meg was an infant school teacher, and when she isn’t peering into the hedgerow to find dormice, she is a writer and an artist. Her daughter Catherine is an expert in the power of language. She was a Creative Director in advertising, before studying Neuro Linguistics.

Books by Meg & Catherine Pybus

its snorey time
It’s Snorey Time

Meet the Snoreys – Mummy, Daddy, Mop, Snuggle, Snuffle and Pignut. This family of dormice love to sleep, all except the youngest, Pignut. Instead, he goes on an adventure around the forest and discovers the dormouse-written ‘Secret Book of Sleep’. Reading it, Pignut finally drops off. Underlying this delightful tale is a secret weapon for exhausted parents – the story is written using simple neurolinguistic techniques, designed to have a soporific effect on the listener. Also includes an audio version of the tale.

Templar Publishing

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Harry Papadopoulos

Harry Papadopoulos
Harry Papadopoulos was a photographer with Sounds music weekly from 1979 to 1984. Thereafter he became editor for a number of Marvel Comics publications, including Care Bears, Flintstones and Star Trek.

Following a brain aneurysm in 2002, Harry returned to Glasgow and as part of his long-term rehabilitation assisted with curating the exhibition of his photographs at Street Level Photoworks, which received critical acclaim from the UK press and public alike. A book based on the exhibition – What Presence! The Rock Photography of Harry Papadopoulos – will be published by Polygon in April, while the exhibition relocates to The McManus art gallery and museum in Dundee at the beginning of May.

More information on the exhibition can be found through this link:

What Presence! The Rock Photography of Harry Papadopoulos

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Ed Pickering

Ed Pickering

Ed Pickering is a writer who has covered cycling for over 10 years for Cycling Weekly, and more recently, as the deputy editor of Cycle Sport magazine. He grew up in Exeter and graduated from Leeds University in the late nineties before moving to Japan to teach English. In 2002 he returned to the UK and embarked on a career as a cycling journalist where his obsessive geekery over bike racing could finally find an outlet. As well as countless feature interviews with major cycling stars for Cycle Sport magazine, he is the author of the Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Cycling, and co-wrote three-time Tour de France Green Jersey winner Robbie McEwen’s autobiography, One Way Road. His critically acclaimed book about the rivalry between Graeme Obree and Chris Boardman – The Race Against Time – was published by Bantam Press in 2013. His new book, an insightful analysis of the Tour de France winners, The Yellow Jersey Club, is published in June 2015.

Edward Pickering - One Way Road Edward Pickering - The Race Against Time Edward Pickering - The Yellow Jersey Club

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Brian Pendreigh

Brian PendreighBrian Pendreigh was film correspondent, and latterly cinema editor, of The Scotsman newspaper for ten years before becoming a freelance film journalist in 1997. He now writes regularly on film for The Guardian, Sunday Times and Herald. His books include On Location: The Film Fan’s Guide to Britain and Ireland (Mainstream, 1995) Mel Gibson and His Movies (Bloomsbury 1996) and Ewan McGregor (Orion, 1998, 1999).


Books by Brian Pendreigh

The Man in the Seventh Row

the-man-in-the-seventh-row-wThe movie lover’s novel.  Scotland, 1962: A small boy is shocked to discover – halfway through ‘The Magnificent Seven’ – that Yul Bryner is bald. And a lifelong fascination with the cinema develops.

LA, 1996: Grown up, he sits in the seventh row of a cinema re-watching ‘The Graduate’; only he’s in the title role, not Dustin Hoffman. He goes to the police to tell them he’s being sucked into the movies. They are sceptical.

His name is Roy Batty, and we learn in fleshed out flashback that he was once a private detective and latterly an archaeologist (contemporary garbage on San Carlos Apache reservation). We learn of his failed marriage and his daughter Rosebud. And yet we don’t know him at all …

A novel seeped in movie history that reads like an emotionally impactful ‘Purple Rose of Cairo’ in reverse.

All Rights Available
81,000 words

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