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Shelley Sclater

Shelley Day Sclater was born in Newcastle and lives in Edinburgh. In former lives, she has been a lawyer, an academic psychologist and a research professor, in which capacities she wrote and edited numerous articles and books on topics as diverse as surrogacy, autonomy, identity, and divorce. Shelley now mainly writes fiction and has studied Creative Writing at Newcastle and Edinburgh Universities. Shelley’s short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, on-line and in anthologies, most recently in New Writing Scotland 31. She is currently researching her second novel Muriel’s Story and working on a book for young people, provisionally titled The Other.

The Confession of Stella Moon
Set in the North East of England in the late 1970s, The Confession of Stella Moon is a dark brooding tale of matricide and infanticide with a touch of the supernatural. The story opens as young Stella Moon is leaving prison having served her sentence for killing her mother, Muriel. Her plans to restart her life fall to pieces when she discovers a family secret she’d rather not have known.

The novel was shortlisted for the Charles Pick Fellowship and went on to win New Writing North’s Andrea Badenoch Award 2011 when it was still work-in-progress. It’s recently been shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Award 2013.

Saraband, Spring 2016

Susan Sellers

Susan Sellers
After a nomadic childhood, Susan Sellers ran away to Paris. Renting a chambre de bonne, she worked as a barmaid and tour-guide, bluffed her way as a software translator and co-wrote a film script with a Hollywood screenwriter. She also became closely involved with leading French feminist writers and translated Hélène Cixous. From Paris she travelled to Swaziland, teaching English to tribal grandmothers, and to Peru, where she worked for a women’s aid agency.
A Professor of English and Related Literature at the University of St Andrews, Susan has written books on myth, literary and feminist theory and women’s fiction. In 2002 she won the Canongate Prize for New Writing, and is currently the holder of a ‘New Writing Partnership Escalator Talent Award’ and an Arts Council ‘Grant for the Arts’.
Susan’s debut novel, Vanessa and Virginia, is published by Two Ravens and Harcourt, New York. She is currently working on her second, set in the London art world. She lives near Cambridge with her husband, a composer, and their young son.

Books by Susan Sellers
Given the Choice by Susan Sellers
Given The Choice
At 39 Marian has a lot going for her. She’s talented, ambitious and married to a wealthy financier who adores her. She’s also capable of lying when the odds seem stacked up against her, but she’s a good deal more vulnerable than she lets on. Amidst the glamour and spin of the contemporary London art and classical music worlds, money rules and an artist’s skill is rarely enough. Marion’s top clients – a brilliant French painter and a virtuoso Estonian pianist – benefit from her entrepreneurial flair, but when her husband says it’s time they had a child, this contrary heroine faces a tough choice. Will Marion become ensnared in the web of deceit she has cast round herself? Or can she learn enough to save her business and her marriage? In this new novel by the award-winning author of Vanessa and Virginia, it is you, the reader, who is given the choice. Given the Choice is a book about growing older and growing up, about making choices and learning to live with them.
Cillian Press, September 2014
Italy: Minimum Fax

Vanessa and Virginia
In a gloomy house in Hyde Park Gate two young girls are raised to be perfect ladies. But from the beginning Vanessa Bell and her sister Virginia Woolf pursue different dreams, and in their Bloomsbury household they create a ferment of free thinking and freer living. Devoted to each other, yet fiercely competitive, both sisters fight to realise their artistic vision amidst a chaos of desire, scandal, illness and war.

Traced with lyrical intensity, their entangled lives gradually reveal an underlying pattern. An expert on Woolf’s life and work, Susan Sellers is inspired by Woolf’s own brilliant narrative technique – a sensuous, impressionistic, interior voice – to inhabit the mind of an artist at work, and recreate the tale of two sisters as Vanessa might have told it. Vanessa and Virginia is a chronicle of love and revenge, madness, genius, and the compulsion to create beauty in the face of relentless difficulty and deep grief. Vanessa and Virginia is a beautiful, haunting novel about the love and the rivalry between two gifted sisters, and about the real purpose of ‘Art’ – not as superior diversion or intellectual entertainment, but as the means of healing and renewing the soul in the face of relentless difficulty and pain, and deep grief.

‘I can think of no other work that is as searching, or as revealing in its exploration of the family life, or of the complex dynamic of sibling and artistic rivalry of these two artists: the achievement here is not only a matter of research and imagination, but of an uncanny and utterly persuasive empathy for both sisters, and the world and times in which they lived and worked’ – John Burnside

‘Deftly, apparently effortlessly, Susan Sellers’s novel of love, art, and sexual jealousy gives us convincing and intimate access to the relationship between two remarkable sisters. At once pellucid and sophisticated, Vanessa and Virginia is quite simply a pleasure to read.’ – Robert Crawford

June 2008, Two Ravens Press (UK & Commonwealth)
Holland: Artemis
Russia : Atticus
Spain : Planeta
Sweden : Ordfront
Turkey : Sel
US & Canada : Harcourt (Spring 2009)
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Suhayl Saadi

Suhayl Saadi
Born in Yorkshire but now living in Glasgow, Suhayl Saadi is a novelist, dramatist, poet and award-winning short-story writer. His collection of short stories, The Burning Mirror, received wide critical acclaim. Psychoraag has been shortlisted for the 2005 James Tait Black Awards, and has been selected as one of the 100 Best Scottish Books promotion (Orange/The List)
‘A wonderfully audacious, linguistically elastic, verbally inventive, joyously irreverent work of literature’ – Sunday Herald
‘Funny, clever and complex, his Scots Asian voice is very fresh and reminiscent of masters like Salman Rushdie and Alan Warner’ – The List
‘The vibrancy of Saadi’s writing is itself a burning mirror to that of Scottish writing as a whole’ – The Scotsman

Books by Suhayl Saadi
the-burning-mirror   psychoraag   joseph's-box

Simon Spence

Simon Spence
Simon Spence collaborated with Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham on the classic memoirs Stoned and 2Stoned and is author of the highly acclaimed 2012 biography The Stone Roses: War and Peace and the recent Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas. His latest book is When The Screaming Stops: The Dark History of the Bay City Rollers. He has written for NME, Dazed & Confused, The Face, i-D, The Independent, The Japan Times, International New York Times and Q.

Simon Spence - Happy Mondays   Simon Spence - Still Breathing

   Spence_JustCan't_cover    bay-city-rollers-cover_2

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Sara Sheridan

Sara Sheridan

Born in Edinburgh and educated at Trinity College Dublin, Sara Sheridan is most famous for her two series of historical novels: one, the Mirabelle Bevan novels, noir mysteries set in 1950s Brighton, and the other exploring on real lives of late Victorian adventurers. Her first book, Truth or Dare, featured in the Sunday Times Top 50 and was nominated for the Saltire Prize; in 2015 Sara was named one of the Saltire Society’s 365 most influential Scottish women, past and present. She sits on the Committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and is also on the board of the UK-wide writers’ collective ‘26’, taking part in the acclaimed 26 Treasures project in 2010 at the V&A, in 2011 at National Museum of Scotland and in 2012 at the Children’s Museum, Bethnal Green. An occasional journalist and blogger, Sara has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent and blogged for the Guardian and the London Review of Books. She is a member of the Historical Writers Association and the Crime Writers Association and occasionally mentors for the Scottish Book Trust.

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Books by Sara

On Starlit Seas
Black & White Publishing, July 2016

Sara Sheridan - On Starlit Seas

1824 – Charged with a mission by the Empress of Brazil, celebrated writer and the toast of Georgian London, Maria Graham sets off for England with the Brazilian civil war at its height. Newly widowed and a woman travelling alone, the stakes are high and when she accepts roguish smuggler Captain James Henderson’s offer of passage on his ship, she gets more than she bargains for.

Henderson is on a journey of his own, back to his childhood home in Covent Garden. Onboard Maria discovers both a dangerous secret concealed in a chocolate bar and an irresistible attraction to the mysterious captain. But falling in love with a smuggler is almost unthinkable for a woman of Maria’s social standing. Though Henderson tries his utmost to abandon his life of crime and forge a new identity as a London gentleman, he is caught in a dangerous tangle with a deadly aristocratic smuggling ring.

The only chance he has to save himself and prove worthy of Maria is to unmask the gang and break free from their clutches, but will it be enough? On Starlit Seas is a breathless tale of adventure, love and chocolate set at the height of the British Empire.

Praise for On Starlit Seas

Sheridan binds together social comment, romance on the high seas, pursuit by excisemen, knife-wielding toerags in the stench of 19th-century London and the consumption of so much hot chocolate that the pages seem impregnated with its heady aroma. It all makes On Starlit Seas a pleasure to consume, and not even a guilty one.

Mirabelle Bevan Series
Operation Goodwood (#5)
Constable, February 2017

Sara Sheridan - Operation Goodwood

1955. When Mirabelle Bevan is rescued from a fire at her home on the Brighton seafront she’s lucky to escape unharmed – but the blaze takes the life of her neighbour, Dougie Beaumont, a dashing and successful racing driver living in the flat above. It soon becomes clear that this was arson and, back on the trail of a potential killer, it emerges that Dougie Beaumont’s life was not as above-board as it seemed. When a second shocking murder takes place, Mirabelle’s pursuit is frustrated first by Dougie’s well-connected and suspicious family and then by the official investigation – led by her would-be lover Superintendent McGregor. With the help of her colleague at McGuigan & McGuigan Debt Recovery, Vesta, and some of her ex-intelligence service connections, Mirabelle discovers the dark secrets of the glamorous racing driver have ramifications far beyond the English coastline.

British Bulldog (#4)
Constable, March 2016

Sara Sheridan - British Bulldog

British Bulldog is the fourth instalment in Sara Sheridan’s best-selling 1950s murder mystery series featuring stylish sleuth Mirabelle Bevan. Following a mystery bequest, Mirabelle sets out on the trail of an RAF pilot who went missing during World War II. It is 1954 and her search takes her to Paris, where she finds herself digging into the activities of Resistance fighters and ex-Nazis, whose lives are defined by the political climate of Cold War Europe. The bequest raises issues closer to home than she expects and as the story unravels Mirabelle is forced to confront the truth about her wartime lover Jack and the true nature of their relationship.

Praise for British Bulldog

Mirabelle has a dogged tenacity to rival Poirot
Sunday Herald

Unfailingly stylish, undeniably smart
Daily Record

A crime force to be reckoned with

Plenty of colour and action, will engage the reader from the first page to the last. Highly recommended



Natasha Solomons

Natasha Solomons was born in 1980. Her first job, aged nine, was as a shepherdess, minding the flock on Bulbarrow hill. Since then, she has worked as a screenwriter with her husband, and they are currently working on the adaptation of MR ROSENBLUM’S LIST. She is also researching a PhD in eighteenth-century poetry. She lives in Dorset.

Books by Natasha Solomons

The Novel In The Viola
In the spring of 1938 Elise Landau arrives at Tyneford, the great house on the bay. A bright young thing from Vienna forced to become a parlour-maid, she knows nothing about England, except that she won’t like it. As servants polish silver and serve drinks on the lawn, Elise wears her mother’s pearls beneath her uniform, and causes outrage by dancing with a boy called Kit. But war is coming and the world is changing. And Elise must change with it. At Tyneford she learns that you can be more than one person. And that you can love more than once.
Publication date: April 2011
World Rights: Sceptre

Mr Rosenblum’s List: or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman
Jack Rosenblum is five foot three and a half inches of sheer tenacity. Through study and application he intends to become a Very English Gentleman. Jack is compiling a list, a comprehensive guide to the manners, customs and habits of this country. He knows that marmalade must be bought from Fortnum & Mason, he’s memorised the entire British monarchy back to 913 A.D and the highlight of his day is the BBC weather forecast. And he never speaks German, apart from the occasional curse.
From the moment he disembarked at Harwich in 1937 he understood that assimilation was the key. But the war’s been over for eight years and despite his best efforts, his bid to blend in remains fraught with unexpected hurdles. Including his wife.
Sadie finds his obsession baffling. She doesn’t want to forget who they are or where they come from. She’d rather bake cakes to remember the people they left behind than worry about how to play bridge. But Jack is convinced they can find a place to call home. In a final attempt to complete his list, he leads a reluctant Sadie into the English countryside. Here, in a land of woolly pigs, bluebells and jitterbug cider, the embark on an impossible task.

The descriptions of England—as friend, adversary and eventually home—are exquisite. Jack Rosenblum, a foolish, deeply sympathetic protagonist, is exasperating and admirable in equal measure. A touching, surprising and satisfying read.’ – Sadie Jones, author of The Outcast
World Rights: Sceptre
Rights Sold: North America (Reagan Arthur Books), Germany (Kindler Verlag), Italy (Frassinelli), Spain (ViceVersa), France (Calmann-Levy), Korea (Woongjin Think Big), Poland (Rebis), Slovakia (Ikar), Czech Republic (EuroMedia), Unabridged Audio (Magna), Large Print (BBC)
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Mike Scott

Mike Scott photo by Paul Mac Manus
Mike Scott was born in Edinburgh and has led The Waterboys since 1983, during which time he has achieved widespread success with albums including “This Is The Sea”, “Fisherman’s Blues” and “Room To Roam”. He continues to push musical boundaries and tours regularly with new and reconfigured versions of his legendary band. In 2010 The Waterboys premiered their new work, “An Appointment With Mr Yeats”, at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. The album of the same name was released to great acclaim in 2011 and has toured throughout the world. He lives in New York and Dublin.

Books by Mike Scott

Adventures of a Waterboy
Adventures of a Waterboy is a fascinating, evocative memoir by one of the great British songwriters of the past four decades. It is an honest and revealing work, by turns heartfelt and funny, that tells the story of a cocky Scot with a sound in his head and his lifelong efforts to reproduce that sound – a story that runs from teenage fandom to international stardom, from Scotland to New York City and beyond.

He can write. Really write.” – The Times
Grippingly candid” – Mojo
“A wonderfully evocative autobiography. So good it makes you wonder if he missed his true vocation as a writer” – Irish Business Post

UK publication: Jawbone Press, 2012
Ireland: Lilliput Press, 2012

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Kenneth Steven

Kenneth Steven
Kenneth Steven is a poet, children’s author and writer of both full-length and short fiction. He’s also well known as a translator from the Scandanavian languages, particularly Norwegian. Seven of his poetry collections have been published to date and a volume of selected poems appeared in December 2007 from Peterloo. He’s published a number of picture books and a first novel, ‘The Santa Maria’ for children, and three novels concerning the land comprise A Highland Trilogy.

Books by Kenneth Steven

Stories for a Fragile Planet
World Rights: Lion Hudson
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Graham Spiers

Graham Spiers
Graham Spiers is a sportswriter on The Times. He has written for the Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Scotland on Sunday, and was chief sportswriter on The Herald from 2001 to 2007. He also regularly broadcasts on the BBC and STV. Spiers has been honoured seven times at the Scottish Press Awards, including being voted Sportswriter of the Year on four occasions.
Intelligent, trenchant and exhaustively researched, Enigma is a fine appraisal of Le Guen’s time at Ibrox, but also raises significant questions about Scottish football as a whole
– Book of the Month in Four Four Two

Books by Graham Spiers
Paul Le Guen: Enigma – A Chronicle of Trauma and Turmoil at Rangers
When Paul Le Guen was appointed the new manager of Rangers in May 2006, the news stunned French football and was greeted with fevered excitement in Scotland. Rangers supporters were beside themselves at the news that the ‘Coming Man’ of European football coaches – the so-called ‘new Arsène Wenger’ – was on his way to Ibrox. Le Guen had been phenomenally successful with Lyon, winning three successive championships, and David Murray, an embattled Rangers chairman, hailed him as ‘a massive moonbeam’ heading towards the club.

The marriage of Le Guen and Rangers lasted seven months and ended in disaster. By Christmas, Rangers lagged 17 points behind great rivals Celtic in the league and Le Guen’s team played every type of football: good, bad and ugly. After 200 days in the job, the Frenchman simply walked away. Yet many Rangers fans still admire and respect Le Guen, and ask why it was that one of Europe’s best young coaches couldn’t succeed at Ibrox.

World Rights: Mainstream
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Gary Sutherland

Gary Sutherland
Raised in Hopeman – on the Moray Firth – Gary Sutherland has worked as an ice cream maker, candyfloss maker, shortbread maker, teacher, bookseller, sports journalist and travel writer. He lives in Glasgow and is wondering if the rain might stop soon. Gary likes cycling and loves the artist formerly known as Prince – now known simply as Prince … again.

Books by Gary Sutherland
Hunting Grounds: A Scottish Football Safari
Some people bag Munros; Gary Sutherland hunts grounds. Come rain, shine, sleet and snow, he visits each of the 42 football grounds in Scotland during one season, documenting the singing, the swearing and the sheer nonsense of what occurs every Saturday afternoon (and sometimes Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays too).

Planning this book as both an alternative travelogue to Scotland and a social commentary on Scottish football, Sutherland systematically explores the character of each ground, and how it is reflected in the town, team and the fans. From the practical factors like public transport and facilities, to the more important things like snacks and pubs, all aspects of the grounds are covered. Bets are placed, buses are missed, tears are shed and pies are scoffed. Join him to re-live the glorious Scottish football season in its entirety.
World Rights: Birlinn

Great Balls of Fire: A Year of Scottish Festivals
From fireballs to fiery drams, burning boats to burning barrels, Vikings to Clavie King, one ba’ game to another ba’ game, Common Riding to pagan drumming, Burry Man to Wickerman, plus T in the Park and Rock Ness …
Gary Sutherland’s year will be defined by festivals and, in the process, he will paint an picture of Scotland that is at times sinister, at times daft, at times dangerous, and at times drunken.
There is more to this country than Hogmanay and Burns Night. Across the land, communities are getting up to all kinds of capers and Gary’s goal is to go there and caper amongst them … talking to historians and Orcadians, folklorists and mentalists, men in helmets and men-in-plants—druids, swingers and ravers—Goths, Neds, Celts, Picts.
World Rights: Birlinn
Publication Date: June 2009
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