Chas Griffin

Chas Griffin

Chas Griffin taught languages and communications in Nottingham before taking his family away from the security of suburbia to grow garlic on a West Wales hillside. He is currently working on a book he has been planning for the past fifteen years. The working title isSuperEvolution: Darwin and the Paranormal, which will, he claims, demonstrate how science and religion might very simply be once more reconciled. 



Books by Chas Griffin

Scenes from a Smallholding

scenes-from-a-smallholding-wEver wondered what it would be like to set up and run an organic smallholding from scratch? With two young kids and only an allotment’s-worth of experience? In 1982 the Griffins left the security of suburbia to become self-sufficient in beautiful West Wales.

Scenes covers the first four years of the whole experience: the motivation, the pre-planning, the move, the cow, the sheep, the tractor… not to mention the lettuces, chainsaw, orchard and rabbits. Ohhh… the rabbits….

Extremely funny and often touching, and even challenging in places, Scenes is the warts-and-all account of the Griffins’ journey: how they learned about lambing and marketing; ploughing and hay-making; the dung-sodden joys of milking, and the surreal terrors of bee-keeping.

Be amused. Be very amused… (It’s a little like ‘The Good Life’ … in real life.)

‘In all the years I have been reading, and out of all the thousands of books I have read, Scenes from a Smallholding by Chas Griffin is up there with Waugh’s Decline and Fall as being the only two books ever to have made me laugh out loud! Brilliantly funny and entertaining, but informative too, from someone who has actually done what he is writing about. Can’t recommend it highly enough’
‘Lowlander’, River Cottage book reviews

“From Nottingham suburb to west Wales, from college lecturer to organic farmer, years of the pits and troughs, the catastrophes and achievements, told with humour. It is lovely.”
The Bookseller

I was laughing out loud before I’d got past the copyright page. The book is a gem and Chas is a star in the making. The sort of author Richard & Judy was made for.”  Scott Pack

A minor classic … informative, provocative and frequently hilarious.” Mat Coward, Morning Star

Incredibly witty … filled with a passion.” Western Mail

Go to to read extracts from Scenes from a Smallholding, and to read more reviews and readers’ feedback (you can also buy the increasingly rare first edition—with extra cartoons!—from this site, while stocks last).

Publication Date: 2005
World Rights: Ebury Press

More Scenes from a Small Holding


More Scenes takes up the story where Scenes left off and runs with it for another ten years or so, and is written in the same style: a ‘scene’ from daily life on the smallholding, followed by a passage on the development of family life: kids growing up, coping with low income, a death.

The thirty ‘scenes’ include the fun of dealing with sheep-dipping, rotavating, hand-milking, winemaking, appropriate clothing, etc, as well as more serious passages on the dangers of genetic tinkering, and the future of farm use, organic land use, and rural living.

Written with Griffin’s trademark charm and humour, More Scenes is another compelling romp through modern country life. It is by turns touching and thoughtful, but above all it is very honest and funny.

Publication Date: 2006
World Rights: Ebury Press

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