Christa Faust

Christa FaustChrista Faust is the author of several novels, includingHoodtown, Control Freak and Money Shot.  Money Shotwas nominated for an Edgar award, Anthony award and Barry award, and won a Spinetingler award in the ‘Rising Star’ category.

She has worked in the adult film industry both behind and in front of the cameras for over a decade, starring in dozens of racy fetish-oriented videos. She also wrote and directed a four-part bondage adventure serial called Dita in Distress, featuring world famous Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese. Faust is a Film Noir fanatic and an avid reader of classic hardboiled pulp novels. She lives and writes in Los Angeles.

Christa Faust is a Veronica in a world of Betties
Quentin Tarantino

Books by Christa Faust


Choke Hold

Angel Dare. Former pornstar. Vigilante killer. One by one, she took out the men who violated her and destroyed her life. After testifying against the key players in an international sex slavery ring, Angel went into Witness Protection to escape her past and create a new life.

But now her anonymity has been compromised and she’s on the run, relentlessly hunted by the one man she allowed to live.

When a chance meeting with former co-star ‘Thick’ Vic Ventura devolves into a bloodbath, Angel is left babysitting Vic’s illegitimate teenage son Cody, a hot-headed aspiring Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Cody’s in up to his neck, embroiled in a murderous conspiracy of drug smuggling and underground fighting, but all he cares about is making his big debut on a reality television series. Together with Cody’s trainer, Hank “The Hammer” Hammond, a punch drunk ex-grappler with a dark secret, Angel must find a way to help Cody escape his own demons while staying one step ahead of her own.

Pursued through the unforgiving Arizona desert, shady Mexican bordertowns and ultimately into the seductive neon mirage of Las Vegas, Angel is in for the fight of her life. Can she go the distance or will she wind up on the other end of a no-holds-barred vendetta?

US/Canada: Thomas Dunne Books/St Martin’s Press
Germany: Rotbuch Verlag

Money Shot


When former porn star Angel Dare was violated, beaten, shot and left for dead in the trunk of an abandoned car, her killers figured they had seen the last of her. They figured wrong. Wanted for murder, targeted by sex slave brokers and dressed up in male drag, Angel claws her way through the sleazy underbelly of the San Fernando Valley’s infamous smut racket to hunt down the men responsible for her own botched execution. Throw in a disgraced cop, an over-the-hill nymphomaniac and a briefcase full of cold hard cash and you’ve got Money Shot, a spicy, two-fisted tribute to vintage pulp fiction with a postmodern and uniquely female twist.

“thrilling, original, fast-paced, captivating”
The Mystery Site

“A rip-roaring story with nonstop action”
Library Journal

World English Rights: Dorchester Publishing
Germany: Rotbuch Verlag
Italy: Newton Compton
Romania: Tritonic
Turkey: Dogan Egmont
Finland: Arktinen Banaani
Spain: Ediciones Es Pop
France: Alphee
Film & TV: Daniel Ostroff

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