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Daniel GrayDaniel Gray is author of the Saltire Award-nominated Homage to Caledonia: Scotland and the Spanish Civil War. Since its publication, the book has been turned into a television series and Edinburgh Fringe show. Daniel’s previous book, co-authored with David Walker, was the Historical Dictionary of Marxism, for which they have still to sell the film rights. He has regurgitated the same jokes in the fanzine of his beloved Middlesbrough FC, Fly Me to the Moon, for the worst part of a decade. Daniel also reviews books for, among others, History Scotland, writes a column in The Leither magazine and has worked as a manuscripts curator and television researcher.

Books by Daniel Gray


Hatters, Knitters and Railwaymen: Travels through England’s Football Provinces

Taking twelve teams who had seasons of note or notoriety in the year of his birth (1981 – a gripping time in its own right, as Gray demonstrates), this is part-football book, part-travelogue and part-love letter to a local England he and so many others have forgotten.

The book is an uplifting antidote too: it bucks modern trends of big club and big city dominance by arguing that small teams and towns made the country great and matter more than ever. Neither does it sneer in the manner of so many travel books. Gray’s depictions are affectionate, optimistic and imbued with the warm humour of the places he visits.

World Rights: Bloomsbury

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