David Belbin

David BelbinDavid Belbin has published numerous short stories in literary magazines and anthologies. He works part time as programme leader of the MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University and is an experienced speaker in public, on radio and TV. He edited a crime short stories anthology, ‘City Of Crime’ (Five Leaves), wrote a best selling guide to eBay.co.uk (’The eBay Book’, Harriman House) and now edits the Crime Express series of novellas for Five Leaves. He is best known for his many novels and short stories for Young Adults, including ‘Denial’, ‘Festival’ and ‘Love Lessons’. In the 90’s, he wrote a string of twenty crime novels, from ‘Shoot The Teacher’ to ‘Dead Guilty’ including a twelve novel sequence about young police officers, The Beat, for Scholastic, making him the company’s best selling UK author. He has a lively blog (and bibliography) at http://www.davidbelbin.com See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Belbin for full biographical details. 

Books by David Belbin

bone and caneBone And Cane

British crime has a new and unlikely pair of heroes: one of ‘Blair’s babes’ and a former dope-dealer. BONE AND CANE is a fast-paced crime novel set in Nottingham on the eve of New Labour’s landslide victory in 1997, when Sarah Bone, a female MP and her ex-boyfriend, Nick Cane, uncover a miscarriage of justice. After highlighting inconsistencies in the evidence against convicted double-murderer and cop killer, Ed Clark, Sarah successfully campaigns to get him released from prison. But it quickly becomes clear that she may have made a terrible mistake. Nick, meanwhile, finds himself working alongside Ed at Cane Cabs, his brother’s taxi company. As Nick and Sarah’s lives become increasingly tangled, they start to fall in love with each other all over again, despite the obstacles presented by her political career and his recent conviction. Not to mention the biggest obstacle of all, of course: Ed Clark. This is the first in a series of smart crime fiction with a social agenda that fans of David Peace, Richard Price and David Simon (THE WIRE) will love.

UK/Commonwealth (excl Canada): Tindal Street Press
Pub date: early 2011

14.21mmThe Pretender

A gripping writerly thriller … pacy and smart—Jackie Kay

From an early age, Mark Trace shows a remarkable talent for literary forgery. A gap year in Paris sees his skill exploited by an unscrupulous manuscript dealer. Hurrying home, Mark fetches up in London, working at one of the UK’s oldest literary magazines. That’s when the trouble really starts. Hemingway and Graham Greene are only the beginning. What starts as a prank soon becomes deadly serious. In this literary thriller David Belbin writes about originality, desire and literary ambition in the voice of a character with the capacity to deceive everyone, including himself.

UK/Commonwealth: Five Leaves
Italy: Il Saggiatore
Germany: Rowohlt
Israel: Achuzat
Pub date: Nov 2008

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