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Declan BurkeDeclan Burke was born in Sligo, Ireland, in 1969. He is the author of EIGHTBALL BOOGIE (Lilliput Press, Ireland, 2003) and THE BIG O (Hag’s Head, Ireland, 2007; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, USA, 2008). EIGHTBALL BOOGIE was longlisted for the Irish Book Awards in 2003; THE BIG O was shortlisted for the Last Laugh Award at the Bristol Crime Fest 2008. A freelance writer, Burke contributes to the Sunday Times, the Irish Times and the Sunday Independent, among others. He hosts a website dedicated to Irish crime fiction called Crime Always Pays. He lives in Wicklow with his wife Aileen and baby daughter Lily.

If you managed to somehow miss EIGHTBALL BOOGIE, do yourself a favour and catch THE BIG O. It’s faster than a stray bullet, wittier than Oscar Wilde and written by a talent destined for fame.”  – Irish Examiner

Books by Declan Burke

The Big Empty


Everyone wants something from Harry Rigby.   Finn Hamilton wants Rigby to be the sole witness to his nine-storey swan dive. The police want Rigby to explain why a man planning suicide had a fake passport and 5000 euros hidden in his toilet. The Hamilton family’s rapacious lawyer and his goon want Rigby to recover Finn’s laptop. Finn’s wealthy and sexually combustible mother wants Rigby to find Finn’s suicide note. And everyone wants a certain antique revolver.  All Harry Rigby wants is to drive his cab, deliver weed without interference, and be a father-figure to his son. But as the violence that surrounds the illicit sex and dirty money of the Hamilton family begins to swirl closer to home, Rigby will have to give everyone what they want or see the person he loves most sent into the big empty.

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