Derek Flory

Derek Reid Flory was born in Aberdeenshire.  He has worked in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. Derek has contributed articles to newspapers and magazines and was editor of a number of company publications.  He has also written several plays and contributed to the creation of two award winning short films.



Book by Derek Flory


Torn Apart: The True Story of Two Sisters Who Found Each Other After Sixty Years (Paperback)
by Sybil Le Fleur (Author), Blanche Le Fleur (Author), Derek Flory (Author)

When the Le Fleur sisters, Sybil and Blanche, were growing up in idyllic Burma in the 1920s and ‘30s, little did they realize the changes and challenges that they would face through life. With the death of first their mother and then their father, they had to cope with enormous personal tragedy, including the loss of all their family wealth. Then, when the Japanese bombed Rangoon on the 23 December 1941, Sybil was out Christmas shopping. There was no way for her to return to her sister or even to know if her sister was still alive as the death toll was very high. “Torn Apart” tells the story of Sybil’s escape from Burma, her marriage to a Scottish soldier and her subsequent life in an Aberdeenshire county town.  Meanwhile Blanche lived for over three years under Japanese occupation and had to fight for her own survival, as well as that of her family, while defying the Japanese to help the young prisoners of war she had befriended. While Sybil settled in to her new life believing that none of her family had survived, Blanche was faced with a Burma in collapse. Leaving for India in 1958, she made a new life while still thinking of and praying for her sister.

Decades later, a chance set of circumstances leads to the discovery by Sybil’s son that Blanche is alive and well and living in India, and Sybil and Blanche are finally reunited in Calcutta.

This is the moving and inspirational story of how two sisters separated when the Japanese bombed Rangoon in 1941, lost touch and settled in different continents before finding each other again, decades later, after a chance set of circumstances brought them together.’  The Oldie

This is their story – emotional, incredible, but true.’  Scottish Field

July 2008
World rights : Mainstream Publishing

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