Douglas Jackson

Douglas Jackson

Douglas Jackson was born in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders and now lives in Bridge of Allan. He is an assistant editor at The Scotsman.

Books by Douglas Jackson


Hero of Rome

The Roman grip on Britain is weakening. Emperor Nero has turned his face away from this far-flung outpost. The Druids are on the rise, spreading seeds of rebellion among the British tribes. Roman cruelty and exploitation has angered their British subjects. The warrior queen Boudicca will lead the tribes to war. Standing against the rising tide of Boudicca’s rebellion is Roman Tribune, Gaius Valerius Verrens, Commander of the veteran legions at Colonia. Valerius leads the veterans in a last stand against the unstoppable horde of Boudicca’s rebel army. Step by step, the bloodied survivors are forced back into the Temple of Claudius. It is here that Valerius wins lifelong fame and the accolade Hero of Rome.

If I were Conn Iggulden or Simon Scarrow, I’d be rather worried by the new Scottish kid on the block” – The Scotsman

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Claudius—emperor of Rome, conqueror of Britain. Emperor Claudius has unleashed the Roman legions against Britain. Caratacus, war chief of the Britons, must unite the tribes for a desperate last stand. Claudius desires total conquest. Caratacus will fight for freedom. An epic battle is coming. Heroes will be made and kings will fall in a struggle that will echo through the annals of history.

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Caligula: The Tyranny of Rome

Rufus, a young slave and animal trainer, is bought from his master and taken to the imperial palace, where life is dictated by Caligula’s ever-shifting moods. He is as generous as he is cold-blooded, a megalomaniac who declares himself a god and simultaneously remains in constant fear of the plots against his life. But his paranoia is not misplaced. Intrigue permeates the court, and Rufus and Cupido – one of Rome’s greatest gladiators – find themselves unwittingly at the centre of a conspiracy to assassinate Caligula. But can a slave decide the fate of an emperor?

Douglas Jackson takes us by the hand and heart and leads us into the crazy, power-soaked world of Caligula, maddest of the mad Roman emperors – and in doing so gives us an insight into the man behind the madness, the fragile, bloody balances of power and the depths to which men were forced to sink simply to stay alive. He clearly knows his animals and the world of the animal trainer is beautifully and carefully depicted. If you ever want to know how to escape a charging rhino, this is your book!  It’s light and dark in equal measure, colourful, thoughtful and bracing. A worthy addition to the world of Roman historical fiction.’  – Manda Scott, author of The Crystal Skull

…gripping Roman thriller. It’s certainly well placed to take on the Simon Scarrow/Conn Iggulden audience.’ Scotland on Sunday

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