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Ever Dundas gained a Creative Writing Masters with Distinction from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011, and she has a First Class Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Queen Margaret University. She has had several short stories and dark fairy tales published and her work has been shortlisted for awards. She is currently working on her second novel.

Website: https://bloodonforgottenwalls.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/everdundas

Ever Dundas is represented at Jenny Brown Associates by Jenny. For all enquiries contact jenny@jennybrownassociates.com

Books by Ever Dundas

Freight, 2017

ever dundas - goblin

The Pet Massacre is a little-known episode in the second world war when Londoners voluntarily brought their dogs and cats to be put down, fearful of lack of food, and of bombing. It’s estimated that around 750,000 pets were destroyed in one week.

Goblin opens during the London Blitz and nine year old Goblin is running amok over the bomb sites. One day she witnesses an atrocity. A fervent animal lover, Goblin is appalled by the piled up mounds of dead pets, the pet massacre, and she takes photographs – but she also captures on film an incident which leaves her traumatised. Goblin buries the camera in a cemetery and erases the episode from her mind.

In 2011 London is again alight during the Riots, and by this time Goblin is an old woman, living in Edinburgh with her menagerie. The camera is discovered by a cemetery caretaker, the photographs are developed and released to the press, and Britain is outraged to learn about the massacre of pets seventy years before. But the police also discover the last photograph, and the nation’s shock changes to a murder investigation. The hunt is on for the adult who took those photographs as a child, the only one who can help police with enquiries. Should Goblin turn herself in and force herself to remember the event which changed her life forever?

This is a devastating and magical debut which continues to haunt long after reading the final page.

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