Fiona McLaren
Fiona McLaren has worked as an investigative reporter and lives in Scotland.

Books by Fiona McLaren
Da Vinci’s Last Commision
“Riveting . . . Not only does the book open an informed and interesting debate on the evidential history of Jesus, but it will also get people discussing art” – Estelle Lovatt Art of England

The true story of the discovery of a mysterious Renaissance painting and the study of its symbolism which has challenged the international art establishment, orthodox history and the Church, uncovering a censored history which the author claims has been suppressed for 2000 years It’s not surprising that Fiona McLaren’s extraordinary story has attracted international media attention.
When she was 40 Fiona McLaren was given a 500 year old painting of the Madonna and Child which had been gifted to her father years before. Now some 19 years later and after seven years of intense research she has come to the startling conclusion that this beautiful portrait is in fact Leonardo Da Vinci’s last commission, one undertaken in his final three years of life in France as court painter to King Francis l, King of France.

Historical records show that Da Vinci was at the French court at that time but there are no records of his painting anything at all. Yet there are stylistic features in this picture which are attributable to only Leonardo and his school . Fortunately this enigmatic picture was gifted with other artefacts, an engraving, a Quaich and a mysterious map, one commissioned by King Louis XIV of a mysterious Abbot, an Abbot associatied with the Knights Templar. When all these artworks were meticulously examined they all conspired to tell the same story. A heretical one. Fiona McLaren believes that Leonardo painted what at the time would have been considered a heretical masterpiece featuring Mary Magdalene and the child she had with Jesus, more, reading the symbolism in all the works they conspired to say the same thing; mercifully Jesus didn’t die on the cross but survived. He and Mary Magdalene , with her brother, sister and Joseph of Arimethea escaped to France, started a ministry there, before migrating northwards to Scotland.

This explains why there is an extremely rare Papal Bull attached to the back of the portrait of this beautiful mother and child. A Papal Bull issued by Pope Paul V in the mid 1600s, the very Pope who instigated The Secret Archives, placed there to keep this painting out of the public domain and in their safe keeping.

Fiona McLaren has spent years researching the symbolism of the painting and the history behind each minute detail.

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