Guy Kennaway

Guy Kennaway

Guy Kennaway is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, as well as journalism.
This year’s funniest, most thoroughly likeable novel … a fantastical yet believable microcosm of life … Kennaway has succeeded in following in the footsteps of his acknowledged model – Garrison Keillor’ – GQ
Follow my advice: take One People, mix with a bottle of wine and some ‘herbal’ cigarettes, find a tree, sit down and enjoy. Unbeatable’ – The Big Issue
Kennaway has a superb eye for lower-case eccentrics, the strangeness of familiar rituals and the intimacies of the seemingly trivial. Like Garrison Keillor, but with stronger material’ – Arena

Books by Guy Kennaway

Bird Brain
A very, very funny novel about country sports, murder, intrigue – and talking pheasants.
A brilliant new comic novel made me laugh out loud last week: Bird Brain, by Guy Kennaway, describes the fate of Banger, a member of the landed gentry murdered for his estate. Banger comes back to earth as a pheasant, and as the shooting season approaches he is set on revenge. Kennaway’s pheasants are spookily realistic and hilariously funny” Janet Street-Porter, Independent on Sunday.
The funniest book I’ve read this year is Guy Kennaway’s Bird Brain” – The Guardian, Books of the Year
A great book – I love it” – Jilly Cooper
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One People
This is ‘Northern Exposure’ in an agreeable climate. Guy Kennaway’s delightful novel evokes brilliantly the unique culture of Jamaica and in particular the small community of Campbell Cove where everybody has a say in everything, no dispute is too petty, no relationship inconsequential and there’s no such thing as a secret.
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Sunbathing Naked
Sunbathing Naked is one man’s quest to understand the skin we’re in and why we’re all so obsessed with it. From the waiting rooms of Harley Street to the naked-sunbathing terraces of the Dead Sea, Kennaway navigates a multitude of cures for the incurable, telling his own provocative tale alongside the stories of a riotous identity-parade of doctors, quacks, patients and the smooth-skinned few that he meets along the way. This smart, hilarious and upbeat memoir is for anyone who has ever tried to cover up a spot, or felt their body was less than perfect.

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