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Hanna Allen was born in Liverpool of Polish parents, and holds an honours degree and a doctorate, both in physics, from the University of St Andrews. As a child, she wanted to go into space and came a fair way (but not quite far enough) in the Project Juno competition to find Britain’s first astronaut. She has worked in education: as a physics researcher, a maths teacher, a research programmer, an IT officer, and finally in information management as part of the University of St Andrews’ senior management team, a post she left to write full-time.

When not writing, she indulges her other passion, music, and can be seen at her local cinema watching operas from the Met, or playing the piano with her musically gifted godchildren, making up for in enthusiasm what she lacks in talent. She has lived in Scotland for longer than she has lived anywhere else and loves the country and its people, despite the nine months of rain and three months of bad weather. She currently resides in a fishing village in Fife.

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Books by Hania
The Polish Detective
Constable, January 2018
Hania Allen - The Polish Detective

DS Dania Korsika is a stranger in a foreign land. Born in Poland and transferred from London to Dundee’s specialist crime division, she is called upon to investigate a series of grotesque killings where the victims are first brutally murdered and then displayed in a bizarre manner. Although seemingly unrelated, clues point to the victims having been members of a local druidic cult. While solving these murders is Dania’s priority, she finds herself increasingly drawn to the case of two runaway teenage girls. But when she learns they were also members of the same druid group, she becomes convinced their disappearance is linked to the murders. And despite what the evidence suggests, Dania starts to fear that the girls have not run away but are actually the newest, undiscovered victims of the killer…

Von Valenti Series
Double Tap (#2)
Freight Books, April 2015
Hania Allen - Double Tap

A professional hit during an executive paintball game demands all of Von’s skills as a detective.

Leaving the Police and chasing her errant daughter, Von has relocated to Edinburgh where she’s set up as a Private Detective. She is asked to investigate a professional hit, an infamous ‘double tap’, that has occurred during an executive paint-ball game. As always nothing is as it seems as Von must use all her intelligence, tenacity and skills to unravel the truth from a web of lies that surrounds the case.

Praise for Double Tap
‘Hania Allen’s second novel is a confident, darkly witty tale that made me lock the door and keep turning the pages. Her Edinburgh feels solid, with welcome details adding texture to the familiarity of Scotland’s capital. But it’s her characters who impress: Von is a realistic and fascinating take on the PI – a character and profession sorely underlooked in UK crime fiction, and presented here in an emotionally honest and utterly believable light. […] Double Tap is a pitch-perfect period piece combined with a clever mystery, but more than that, it’s a witty, tense crime novel written in a highly readable style, and with an authenticity of character, procedure and place that is rare and exciting to discover. Read this right now. You won’t regret it’
Russel D McLean, author of the J McNee detective series

The plot is fast-moving, and ends with a satisfyingly suspense-filled double twist. I really loved the atmospheric use of the Edinburgh settings
Promoting Crime Fiction

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23398275-double-tap

Jack in the Box (#1)
Freight Books, April 2014

Jack in the Box - Hania Allen
Jack in the Box

London, 2000. When DCI Von Valenti is called to investigate the murder of Max Quincey, her Chief Superintendent’s actor brother, she is struck by the resemblance of the modus operandi to that of unsolved murders in Soho fifteen years before. Those murders, known as the ‘Jack in the Box murders’ because of the mutilated Jack in the Box left at the scene of the crime, were of young male prostitutes who were blinded and strangled. At the time, a play, ‘Jack in the Box’, was running in London’s West End, directed by Max Quincey himself, and Von has not failed to notice that Quincey’s murder coincides with the play’s return.

But when she and her number two, DI Steve English, begin their investigation, no-one will tell her anything about Quincey’s murder. Everyone is lying. Von soon finds herself drawn more and more to the case of the rent boys. Can she penetrate the wall of silence to find what links the present to the past?

Praise for Jack in the Box
Nicely nasty in all the right places, this is an assured debut by Hania Allen. She has drawn a feisty and determined protagonist in Von Valenti and we will surely see her again. The story rattles along until bringing the curtain down with an unnerving twist
Craig Robertson, author of Cold Grave, Random and Witness the Dead

Captivating characters and an intriguing plot. A great new find for crime fans
Lin Anderson, author of the Rhona MacLeod crime series

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21470745-jack-in-the-box