Jonathan Meres

Jonathan Meres
Jonathan is based in Edinburgh. He’s a multi-talented individual who used to be a stand-up comedian and then wrote a number of books, including the bestselling books and TV series Yo! Diary! in the late 1990s.

Twitter: @jonathanmeres

Books by Jonathan Meres

“The World of Norm” Series
2014 is officially THE YEAR OF NORM!
Jonathan Meres saw over 7,000 children at live events this year
the-world-of-norm  world-of-norm-3-may-produce-gas  world-of-norm-4-may-require-batteries
world-of-norm-5-may-be-contagious  world-of-norm-may-cause-irritation  world-of-norm-may-need-filling-in

Book One: May Contain Nuts
Book Two: May Cause Irritation
Book Three: May Produce Gas
Book Four: May Require Batteries
Book Five: May Be Contagious
Book Six: May Need Filling In

Rights to The World of Norm sold in: China, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey
Praise for The World of Norm Series:
Hilarious stuff’ – Harry Hill
For Fans of Jeff Kinney’ – Books for Keeps


“Koala Calamity” – Harper Collins’ ‘Awesome Animals’ Series
You Snooze You Lose!
Surf’s Up!
Phenomenal! The Small Book of Big Words
The XMAS Factor


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