Juliet Conlin

Juliet Conlin was born in London and now lives in Berlin. In between, she has worked – among other things – as a barmaid, a bank clerk, a secretary, a lecturer and a research scientist. Juliet studied Psychology at Staffordshire University, where she gained a first class honours degree (BSc) and an MSc in Psychological Research Methods. She then completed a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Durham and conducted research into decision making at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin. More recently, she completed an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University and now works as a writer and translator. Juliet writes novels, short stories and screenplays in both English and German. She is married and has four children between the ages of six and twenty-two.

Website: http://www.julietconlin.com/en/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/julietconlin

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Books by Juliet

Juliet Conlin - The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days

The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days
Black & White Publishing, forthcoming Spring 2017

The Fractured Man
Cargo, July 2013

Fractured Man by Juliet Conlin

London, 1920. Elliot Taverley is an ambitious young psychoanalyst specialising in the new and controversial field of handwriting analysis. When he receives a visit from a man who seems to change personality when he copies others handwriting, Elliot is intrigued and soon becomes obsessed with the man and his mysterious disorder. Spiralling into an increasingly bizarre cat-and-mouse chase and with his mind collapsing, Elliot is forced to confront his difficult childhood and the horrors of war in Arctic Russia in a desperate search for the truth. The Fractured Man is one of the most explosive debuts of the year a psychological thriller that takes us through a war-ravaged Europe and the dark minds that inhabit it to a shocking conclusion.

Praise for The Fractured Man

An addictive thriller… deliciously dark and hypnotic, a psychological thriller fused with the spine-tingling atmosphere of a ghost story
The List

Brilliant plotting meets magnificent writing
Glasgow Review of Books

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20582485-the-fractured-man