Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson
Kevin Williamson has lived in Edinburgh since 1979 and feels very much at home there with his daughter and his mates and some of his family and his football team and all the people he likes and the people he bumps into when he walks around aimlessly photographing things. He likes the historic bits of Edinburgh with cobbles and sandstone much more than the shiny new bits with black glass and computer terminals. He can’t get enough of Arthur’s Seat and Portobello beach and Leith Walk and the Botanic Gardens and the house where Robert Louis Stevenson was born and the bars in Iona Street and the back of the East Stand where folk meet for a smoke and a laugh at half time and the National Museum of Scotland with all the butterflies on pins and the view from the top of Calton Hill in the winter. Some days he likes watching bands at the Liquid Rooms or movies at the Cameo and others he likes watching folk lying around in the summer having picnics in the Meadows and taking the long and winding path along the Water of Leith from the Modern Art Gallery to the Shore and staring down at the burnt out shell of La Belle Angele from The Bridges. In a previous life he was a publisher but can’t recall the details and some of his poetry has appeared here and there and some of the things he has done have worked out okay and others haven’t which ain’t a bad batting average.

Books by Kevin Williamson

In A Room Darkened
This is Kevin’s first collection of poetry.
“Like many of the punk generation Williamson seems torn between staying true to his angry, anti-establishment roots and embracing the material comforts of middle-aged contentment. But with a cast including Taggart, Karl Marx, Walt Disney, John Coltrane, Robert the Bruce, Pinocchio, Jesus, Norman MacCaig and Grandmaster Flash, it is a genuine pleasure to watch him swither” – Marc Horne, Scotland on Sunday

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