Kim Elliott

Kim Elliott
Kim Elliott is a freelance writer and novelist living in Soho, London. Before launching her writing career, Kim considered becoming a gymnast, a mechanic and a gynaecologist, but put all other aspirations aside when she found out just how pleasurable writing could be. Despite claiming to be a keen environmentalist, Kim is willing to sacrifice trees everywhere to fuel her addiction to books. She can often be found in Foyles, the largest bookshop in the country, buying up fiction like it’s going out of fashion and claiming it’s all in the name of research.

Books by Kim Elliott

Just Take Charlie
Christmas day, 1997. Somewhere on the south coast of England, dress-wearing virgin, Charlie Lewandowski, is about to turn fifteen. His best friend, Jack, has just started dating a girl with two anuses and a serious attitude problem. His father has disappeared and his mother is having a nervous breakdown. Charlie has bigger things to worry about, like memory blanks and being accused of rape. Charlie’s life is all about time. In a week he’ll no longer be a virgin. In a month, Jack will be dead. In six weeks Charlie’s life will never be the same again, but at least he’ll finally understand those blanks in his memory.
Vernon God Little spliced with a contemporary Catcher In The Rye (with some very different twists), Just Take Charlie is a weird and wonderful debut novel.

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