Malachy Tallack is the author of Sixty Degrees North, published in the UK by Polygon and in North America by Pegasus. The book gained an excellent critical response, was broadcast as a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and named Guardian Book of the Week. Born and raised in Shetland, Malachy has written widely for the New Statesman, the Guardian, the Scottish Review of Books and many other publications, online and in print. He won a New Writers Award from the Scottish Book Trust in 2014 and the Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship in 2015.

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Books by Malachy

The Un-Discovered Islands

Polygon, October 2016

Malachy Tallack, author of the acclaimed Sixty Degrees North, charts a landscape of myths, fakes and mistakes, a cartography of places once believed to be real but now no longer on the map.

Exquisitely illustrated by the renowned Katie Scott, the book tells of two dozen legendary islands discovered and then ‘un-discovered’. Their stories are as colourful as the intricate illustrations that accompany them: from tales of ancient Atlantis to the revelations of modern GPS, from the palm trees and pomegranates of Southern Iraq’s Hufaidh to the freezing fogs of northerly Thule.

Journeying across history through the ex-isles and shadowy semi-lands that have faded from existence into myth, The Un-Discovered Islands introduces a beautifully described geography of imagination, deception, error and possibility.

Praise for The Un-Discovered Islands

This is a fairytale atlas, …it’s a joy to island-hop through – with the giant tentacles of a ruby-red octopus reaching across two pages, here, and a horned narwhal and scaly sea serpent swimming across a page, there. After wowing the world with Sixty Degrees North: Around the World in Search of Home last year, Tallack’s second book is shaped by the same clear, sharp prose and keen curiosity.
National Geographic

Listed as one of the Guardian’s Best New Travel Books

60 Degrees North

Polygon, July 2015
North America: Pegasus

60 Degrees North – A BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week
Malachy Tallack - 60 Degrees North

The sixtieth parallel marks a borderland between the northern and southern worlds. Wrapping itself around the lower reaches of Finland, Sweden and Norway, it crosses the tip of Greenland and the southern coast of Alaska, and slices the great expanses of Russia and Canada in half. The parallel also passes through Shetland, where Malachy Tallack has spent most of his life.

In Sixty Degrees North, Tallack travels westward, exploring the landscapes of the parallel and the ways that people have interacted with those landscapes, highlighting themes of wildness and community, isolation and engagement, exile and memory.

Sixty Degrees North is an intimate book, one that begins with the author’s loss of his father and his own troubled relationship with Shetland, and concludes with an acceptance of loss and an embrace – ultimately a love – of the place he calls home.

Praise for 60 Degrees North

It’s a joy to read, its prose as clear as the light on the Greenland ice-cap

It is a brave book . . . and a beautiful book
Robert Macfarlane

A subtle, thoughtful study of life on the sixtieth parallel
Financial Times

Malachy is a fine, sensitive writer with an eye for detail and a talent for descriptive prose

Nothing short of remarkable… He takes the brave step of putting himself right at the heart of the story, using his own experiences to ask searching, never-less-than fascinating questions about identity, homecoming and what it means to truly belong to a place
Scotland on Sunday