Robin Pilcher
Robin Pilcher was born in Dundee in 1950, the second child of Graham, a director of the family jute business, and the novelist Rosamunde Pilcher. Robin attended school in Dunfermline and Bristol before returning to Scotland to complete his education at the Dundee College of Commerce. Being described in The Publishing News as ‘having as many career changes as the River Thames has bends’, Robin has worked in his time as a cowboy, an assistant film cameraman, a farmer, a public relations and marketing consultant and a tennis coach. His first book, An Ocean Apart was published in 1999 and sold to 11 countries, as well as reaching the lower echelons of the best-seller lists in the UK and the USA. This was followed in 2002 by Starting Over, which reached #9 in the New York Times Bestseller Lists, A Risk Worth Taking in February 2004, and Starburst, which is set around the annual Edinburgh Festival, in 2008. The first three three books have been adapted for television. His latest novel is A Matter of Trust (2010, Sphere, published in US as The Long Way Home).

Robin divides his time between Scotland and Spain. He is a founder of the acclaimed short story site Shortbread.

Books by Robin Pilcher
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