Russell Findlay

Russell Findlay is a journalist on the Sunday Mail.

Books by Russell Findlay

The Iceman: The Rise and Fall of a Crime Lord
Operation Folklore was one of Scotland’s biggest-ever criminal investigations. The police wanted Jamie Stevenson, better known (and feared) as The Iceman. They got him and drugs worth more than £61 million.

Sentenced in April this year to the longest money-laundering jail term ever seen in Scotland, justice has finally caught up with The Iceman – but not before he had completed a decade-long rise to the very top of gangland – a rise driven by strategic cunning and calculated but brutal violence. Stevenson was also suspected of gunning down ganglord Tony McGovern in a Glasgow street and a series of other notorious gangland hits. The Iceman tells a grisly history of the violence and terror used to amass his dirty millions.

An empire of drugs trafficking and money laundering that started on the streets of Glasgow. The conviction of Jamie Stevenson has laid bare the blood-soaked criminal career of Scotland’s most powerful gang boss. This is the full story of the law-breaking, the violence and the rise and fall of one of our most dangerous crime lords.
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