Sarah Maine

Sarah Maine was born in the UK but grew up in Canada. Returning to England for university, she studied archaeology as an undergraduate and postgraduate, working as an archaeologist in York for thirty years. Vacations were spent lecturing for adventure travel companies in Europe and Canada and she still spends as much time as possible travelling. She has recently gone freelance in order to spend more time writing.

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Books by Sarah Maine

Beyond the Wild River
Hodder & Stoughton, April 2017
North American Rights: Atria/Simon & Schuster

This is a story of betrayal and murder set in the Scottish Borders and in the wilderness of northern Canada.  Evelyn was once close to her father, the philanthropic Charles Ballantyre, but when James Douglas is accused of murder all that changes.  Evelyn’s fears, and the strictures of Victorian society, conceal the truth for five years and it is only when all parties meet again on the turbulent Nipigon river that she learns what really happened that afternoon on the banks of the River Tweed.

The House Between Tides
Freight Books, August 2016
North American: Atria/Simon & Schuster
Australia: Allen & Unwin
Germany: Goldmann
Netherlands: AW Bruna

An atmospheric debut novel about a woman who discovers the century-old remains of a murder victim on her family’s Scottish estate, plunging her into an investigation of its mysterious former occupants.

Following the death of her last living relative, Hetty Deveraux leaves London and her strained relationship behind for Muirlan, her ancestral home in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. She intends to renovate the ruinous house into a hotel, but the shocking discovery of human remains brings her ambitious restoration plans to an abrupt halt before they even begin. Few physical clues are left to identify the body, but one thing is certain: this person did not die a natural death.

Hungry for answers, Hetty discovers that Muirlan was once the refuge of her distant relative Theo Blake, the acclaimed painter and naturalist who brought his new bride, Beatrice, there in 1910. Yet ancient gossip and a handful of leads reveal that their marriage was far from perfect; Beatrice eventually vanished from the island, never to return, and Theo withdrew from society, his paintings becoming increasingly dark and disturbing.

What happened between them has remained a mystery, but as Hetty listens to the locals and studies the masterful paintings produced by Theo during his short-lived marriage, she uncovers secrets that still reverberate through the small island community—and will lead her to the identity of the long-hidden body.

Praise for The House Between the Tides

Maine skilfully balances a Daphne du Maurier atmosphere with a Barbara Vine-like psychological mystery…The setting emerges as the strongest personality in this compelling story, evoking passion in the characters as fierce as the storms which always lurk on the horizon. A debut historical thriller which deftly blends classic suspense with modern themes

Kirkus Reviews

Scotland’s Outer Hebrides provides the sensuous setting for [this] impressive debut…[A] beautifully crafted novel

Publishers Weekly

A wonderful first novel, elegantly haunting that will surely stay with the reader long after the tale has ended

The Reading Room

 There is an echo of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca in Sarah Maine’s appealing debut novel, when human remains are found beneath the floorboards of a derelict mansion on a Scottish island… A highly readable debut