Sean Bridges

Sean Bridges is a former businessman who was imprisoned for four years for fraud and served time in some of Britain’s toughest jails. An accomplished rugby player, Bridges made his business name in the commercial side of professional sport before his imprisonment. He is married with two grown-up daughters.

Books by Sean Bridges

Better to Be Feared
Sean Bridges was a middle-aged businessman who, having pled guilty to perpetrating a fraud involving a fake business contract, was plunged into the dark world of life inside some of Britain’s hardest jails. Never having had any contact with criminal justice previously, Bridges’ adjustment to life behind bars raises many questions and forces him to confront the daily round of violence and drugs abuse within these maximum security prisons in a way which he never, ever considered.

Bridges’ life inside explodes when he witnesses another con being badly beaten by three scumbags. He plans revenge and carries his plans out with military efficiency. This is not the story of another white-collar criminal’s time inside. It is a fascinating personal account of the reasons why the criminal justice system fails society today. That system has changed Sean Bridges forever.
World Rights: Mainstream

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