Steve W Parker

Steve W Parker
Steve Parker has been a journalist and magazine editor since the last 1980s, and for many years ran his own publishing company. In addition to writing books, he also writes scripts, directs videos and chairs events in the film and broadcast industries.

Books by Steve Parker

Jesus on Thy-face
“A wonderfully sustained parody, that you can safely give to both believers and non-believers.” The Bookseller
Ever wanted to know why Mary and Joseph settled on the name Jesus?
Or how Jesus’s head of catering reacted to the feeding of the 5,000?
Or the name of the anointing parlour where Mary Magdalene worked?
Jesus on ThyFace reveals the full story. Thanks to recently released extracts from the pages of, a little-known social networking site popular in the first century AD, we can now reveal firsthand the words of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, Pontius Pilate, Herod – even Satan! They were all ThyFace crazy: not a day went by when they weren’t updating their statuses, adding new friends, smiting one another, or just taking the ThyFace test: WHICH FRIENDS CHARACTER ARE YOU MOST LIKE?
Jesus on Thyface also offers a fascinating glimpse into biblical culture (witness the success of Fornication and the City in amphitheatres), tourism (discover the joys of Noah World and The Wilderness), and commerce (take out plague insurance or get the best deal on your livestock through
The Bible will never be the same again.
World Rights: Simon & Schuster
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