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Emily MacKenzie

Emily Mackenzie


Web: http://www.emilymackenzie.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilyillustrator
Twitter: @emilymackenzie_

Emily Mackenzie is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Edinburgh who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. Working mainly with ink, digital collage and screen printing, Emily’s illustrative work draws from childhood memories, an inquisitive nature and a vivid imagination. As well as drawing, Emily loves knitting and generally gets very excited about anything bright and colourful!



Books by Emily MacKenzie

Coming soon: Eric the Panda (January 2018, Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

Emily Mackenzie - There's Broccoli in My Ice Cream
There’s Broccoli in My Ice Cream!

Expected publication: September 2017 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Granville loves sweet, sugary, chocky wocky gooey things to eat. NOT fruit and vegetables. Which is a shame, because he comes from a long line of greengrocers and gardeners. So his family come up with a plan to persuade him to be passionate about parsnips and bonkers about broccoli. Only, Granville has a plan of his own and it will surprise everyone!


Emily Mackenzie - Trouble Next Door
Trouble Next Door

Published January 2017 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

From much loved author Chris Higgins and acclaimed illustrator Emily MacKenzie comes a charming new young fiction series about friendship.

Bella has just moved into a new house. It’s old and dark and she’s sure there’s a ghost in the attic! But things look up when she meets her new next-door neighbour Magda. Magda is lots of fun! She’s bubbly and full of imagination and can even turn cartwheels! Soon they are best friends.

But Magda is also trouble! She breaks Bella’s mum’s best tea set, wrecks Bella’s room and covers the whole living room in soot. And somehow makes sure Bella gets the blame for everything.

Bella is going to have watch out because there’s Trouble Next Door!



Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat
Stanley LOVES to knit. He knocks up pom-poms at breakfast time, whips up bobble hats at bath time. He even knits in his sleep!

IBW Book Award, Winner 2016

Published by Bloomsbury, 2016


Wanted: Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar
Some rabbits dream about lettuces and carrots, others dream of flowering meadows and juicy dandelions, but Ralfy dreams only of books. Soon his obsession sends him spiralling into a life of crime!

Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Awards, Winner 2016

Published by Bloomsbury, 2015


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Sara Sheridan

Sara Sheridan

Born in Edinburgh and educated at Trinity College Dublin, Sara Sheridan is most famous for her two series of historical novels: one, the Mirabelle Bevan novels, noir mysteries set in 1950s Brighton, and the other exploring on real lives of late Victorian adventurers. Her first book, Truth or Dare, featured in the Sunday Times Top 50 and was nominated for the Saltire Prize; in 2015 Sara was named one of the Saltire Society’s 365 most influential Scottish women, past and present. She sits on the Committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and is also on the board of the UK-wide writers’ collective ‘26’, taking part in the acclaimed 26 Treasures project in 2010 at the V&A, in 2011 at National Museum of Scotland and in 2012 at the Children’s Museum, Bethnal Green. An occasional journalist and blogger, Sara has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent and blogged for the Guardian and the London Review of Books. She is a member of the Historical Writers Association and the Crime Writers Association and occasionally mentors for the Scottish Book Trust.

Sara’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/sarasheridan

Sara’s website: http://www.sarasheridan.com/

Sara is represented at Jenny Brown Associates by Jenny. For all enquiries contact jenny@jennybrownassociates.com

Books by Sara

On Starlit Seas
Black & White Publishing, July 2016

Sara Sheridan - On Starlit Seas

1824 – Charged with a mission by the Empress of Brazil, celebrated writer and the toast of Georgian London, Maria Graham sets off for England with the Brazilian civil war at its height. Newly widowed and a woman travelling alone, the stakes are high and when she accepts roguish smuggler Captain James Henderson’s offer of passage on his ship, she gets more than she bargains for.

Henderson is on a journey of his own, back to his childhood home in Covent Garden. Onboard Maria discovers both a dangerous secret concealed in a chocolate bar and an irresistible attraction to the mysterious captain. But falling in love with a smuggler is almost unthinkable for a woman of Maria’s social standing. Though Henderson tries his utmost to abandon his life of crime and forge a new identity as a London gentleman, he is caught in a dangerous tangle with a deadly aristocratic smuggling ring.

The only chance he has to save himself and prove worthy of Maria is to unmask the gang and break free from their clutches, but will it be enough? On Starlit Seas is a breathless tale of adventure, love and chocolate set at the height of the British Empire.

Praise for On Starlit Seas

Sheridan binds together social comment, romance on the high seas, pursuit by excisemen, knife-wielding toerags in the stench of 19th-century London and the consumption of so much hot chocolate that the pages seem impregnated with its heady aroma. It all makes On Starlit Seas a pleasure to consume, and not even a guilty one.

Mirabelle Bevan Series
Operation Goodwood (#5)
Constable, February 2017

Sara Sheridan - Operation Goodwood

1955. When Mirabelle Bevan is rescued from a fire at her home on the Brighton seafront she’s lucky to escape unharmed – but the blaze takes the life of her neighbour, Dougie Beaumont, a dashing and successful racing driver living in the flat above. It soon becomes clear that this was arson and, back on the trail of a potential killer, it emerges that Dougie Beaumont’s life was not as above-board as it seemed. When a second shocking murder takes place, Mirabelle’s pursuit is frustrated first by Dougie’s well-connected and suspicious family and then by the official investigation – led by her would-be lover Superintendent McGregor. With the help of her colleague at McGuigan & McGuigan Debt Recovery, Vesta, and some of her ex-intelligence service connections, Mirabelle discovers the dark secrets of the glamorous racing driver have ramifications far beyond the English coastline.

British Bulldog (#4)
Constable, March 2016

Sara Sheridan - British Bulldog

British Bulldog is the fourth instalment in Sara Sheridan’s best-selling 1950s murder mystery series featuring stylish sleuth Mirabelle Bevan. Following a mystery bequest, Mirabelle sets out on the trail of an RAF pilot who went missing during World War II. It is 1954 and her search takes her to Paris, where she finds herself digging into the activities of Resistance fighters and ex-Nazis, whose lives are defined by the political climate of Cold War Europe. The bequest raises issues closer to home than she expects and as the story unravels Mirabelle is forced to confront the truth about her wartime lover Jack and the true nature of their relationship.

Praise for British Bulldog

Mirabelle has a dogged tenacity to rival Poirot
Sunday Herald

Unfailingly stylish, undeniably smart
Daily Record

A crime force to be reckoned with

Plenty of colour and action, will engage the reader from the first page to the last. Highly recommended

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24672857-british-bulldog


Meg & Catherine Pybus

A mother and daughter team – Meg was an infant school teacher, and when she isn’t peering into the hedgerow to find dormice, she is a writer and an artist. Her daughter Catherine is an expert in the power of language. She was a Creative Director in advertising, before studying Neuro Linguistics.

Books by Meg & Catherine Pybus

its snorey time
It’s Snorey Time

Meet the Snoreys – Mummy, Daddy, Mop, Snuggle, Snuffle and Pignut. This family of dormice love to sleep, all except the youngest, Pignut. Instead, he goes on an adventure around the forest and discovers the dormouse-written ‘Secret Book of Sleep’. Reading it, Pignut finally drops off. Underlying this delightful tale is a secret weapon for exhausted parents – the story is written using simple neurolinguistic techniques, designed to have a soporific effect on the listener. Also includes an audio version of the tale.

Templar Publishing

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Kenneth Steven

Kenneth Steven
Kenneth Steven is a poet, children’s author and writer of both full-length and short fiction. He’s also well known as a translator from the Scandanavian languages, particularly Norwegian. Seven of his poetry collections have been published to date and a volume of selected poems appeared in December 2007 from Peterloo. He’s published a number of picture books and a first novel, ‘The Santa Maria’ for children, and three novels concerning the land comprise A Highland Trilogy.

Books by Kenneth Steven

Stories for a Fragile Planet
World Rights: Lion Hudson
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Keith Gray

Keith Gray

Keith’s first book Creepers was published when he was 24 and was shortlisted for the Guardian Fiction Award. He has since written many books including his best-known Ostrich Boys, which won great acclaim and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, Guardian Fiction Prize and the BookTrust Teen Prize. Keith has also written Warehouse (shortlisted for the Guardian Fiction Award), Malarkey (shortlisted for the Booktrust Teenage Prize) and The Runner (winner of a Smarties Silver Medal). He has lectured in Creative Writing and now lives in Edinburgh with his partner and their daughter. He spends much of his time visiting schools to pass on his love of books and writing, as well as reviewing teenage fiction.

Books by Keith Gray
Keith Gray - The Chain
The Chain
Published January 2013 by Barrington Stoke

Cal is sick of being the good guy. Joe’s dad is a big time loser – can Joe ever be a winner? Ben has two girlfriends – but only loves himself, and Kate has to say the hardest goodbye of all. Four people. Four stories. Four links in the chain. One book, which will change their lives forever.

Keith Gray - The Trick
The Trick
Published November 2012 by HarperCollins UK

“Eric, are you ready to travel to a place you’ve never been before?” Mathew Masters asked, loud enough for the whole audience to hear. “Are you ready to do something truly magical? Are you ready, Eric, to vanish not somewhere, but Elsewhere?”

Where do you go when you disappear? Or, rather, when you are ‘disappeared’. Eric is about to find out when a school trip to a magic show takes an unexpected turn.

Keith Gray - The Boswall Kidnapping
The Boswall Kidnapping
Published January 2011 by HarperCollins UK

When Alex’s dad drags him to Boswall and Sons, the local department store, he never expects to find himself thrown into a world of kidnap and spies.

Keith Gray - The Return of Johnny Kemp
The Return of Johnny Kemp
Published May 2009 by Barrington Stoke

“If I tell you to run, then run, right? And I mean fast.”

Dan grassed up Johnny Kemp. No one else was stupid enough to mess with Johnny. Just Dan. Now Johnny Kemp is back, and he’s out for blood…

Ostrich Boys
Kenny, Sim and Blake are about to embark on a remarkable journey. Stealing the urn that contains the ashes of their best friend Ross, they set out to travel 261 miles from Cleethorpes on the English east coast to the tiny hamlet of Ross in southern Scotland. After a depressing and dispiriting funeral they feel that taking Ross to Ross will be a fitting memorial for a fifteen year-old boy who changed all their lives through his friendship.

Published by Random House Children’s Publishers UK, 2008


Other Titles:



The Last Soldier
Nothing much happens in Joe and Wade’s dusty town. There’s not much excitement in Joe and his brother’s lives – just grinding poverty and the occasional run-in with the neighbours. The only highlight is the arrival of the carnival, with its mermaid, wolfman and baby dragon. This year, there’s a new attraction – the Last Soldier of World War One. What message does he have for the boys…?

Published by Barrington Stoke, 2015


You Killed Me


You Killed Me!

Len Grimsby is dead and he blames Toby. When Len’s ghost appears at the end of his bed, Toby is taken back in time to see the repercussions of his actions and unravel the series of events that led to Len’s death. Can he save Len from being killed? Gripping ghost story from a critically acclaimed writer.

Published by Barrington Stoke, 2013


Also with Barrington Stoke:

Ghosting-2012 cover

Other Titles:

Next (2012), Losing It (2010), Hoodlum (2010), The Fearful (2005), Malarkey (2003), Before Night Falls (2003), Warehouse (2002), £10,000 (2001), Happy (1998), The Runner (1998), From Blood: Two Brothers (1997), Dead Trouble (1997), Creepers (1996), Hunting The Cat (1996)

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Jonathan Meres

Jonathan Meres
Jonathan is based in Edinburgh. He’s a multi-talented individual who used to be a stand-up comedian and then wrote a number of books, including the bestselling books and TV series Yo! Diary! in the late 1990s.

Web: http://www.jonathanmeres.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jonathan-Meres/243458635713525
Twitter: @jonathanmeres

Books by Jonathan Meres

“The World of Norm” Series
2014 is officially THE YEAR OF NORM!
Jonathan Meres saw over 7,000 children at live events this year
  the-world-of-norm - may contain nuts  
  world-of-norm-5-may-be-contagious  world-of-norm-4-may-require-batteries
world-of-norm-3-may-produce-gas  world-of-norm-may-cause-irritation  

also …

World of Norm: May Need Filling In
Published June 2014 by Orchard Books
The World of Norm

In the world of Norm, today is always one of those days. Whether it’s losing his house, getting grounded without leaving bed, or waking up in 18th-century France, there are plenty of bonkers adventures that Norm haphazardly has to get himself out of. This is an abso-flipping-lutely hilarious series about a boy who can’t help getting himself into trouble, and only really wants a quiet life.

The World of Norm: 12: Must End Soon
Published: June 2017 by Orchard Books

The World of Norm: 11: May Be Recycled
Published December 2016 by Orchard Books

The World of Norm: 10: Includes Delivery
Published May 2016 by Orchard Books

The World of Norm: 9: May Still Be Charged
Published October 2015 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 8: May Contain Buts
Published June 2015 by Orchard Books 

World of Norm: 7: Must Be Washed Separately
Published June 2014 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 6: May Need Rebooting
Published June 2014 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 5: May Be Contagious
Published November 2013 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 4: May Require Batteries
Published June 2013 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 3: May Produce Gas
Published October 2012 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 2: May Cause Irritation
Published January 2012 by Orchard Books

World of Norm: 1: May Contain Nuts
Published September 2011 by Orchard Books

Rights to The World of Norm sold in: China, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey
Praise for The World of Norm Series:
Hilarious stuff’ – Harry Hill
For Fans of Jeff Kinney’ – Books for Keeps

Jonathan Meres - Grandpa was an Astronaut
Grandpa was an Astronaut
Published August 2016 by Barrington Stoke

Sherman loves the moon and he loves his grandpa even more – who has actually been to the moon! Grandpa was an astronaut and has a chunk of moon rock on his mantlepiece. Playing space games with Grandpa is one of Sherman’s most favourite things ever so he’s thrilled to hear that’s exactly what a visit to Grandpa will involve. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.

Jonathan Meres - Fame Thing
Fame Thing
Published October 2016 by Barrington Stoke

When superstar footballer Dean Johnson moves into George’s village, she gets the shock of her life. He seems like such a normal guy – but the newspapers say he’s a foul-mouthed overpaid yob. Who should George believe?

Jonathan Meres - The Xmas Factor
The Xmas Factor
Published November 2012 by A&C Black

Hilarious collection of jokes, poems, lists, top tens and Christmas craziness, to make Christmas go with a bang!

Jonathan Meres - Phenomenal! - The Small Book of Big Words
Phenomenal! The Small Book of Big Words
Published July 2011 by Macmillan Children’s Books

DISCOMBOBULATED Pronounced ~ dis-com-bob-u-lated. Means ~ thrown into confusion. As in ~ the lion is discombobulated by the skateboarding wildebeest. And ~ my parents are discombobulated when I suddenly start speaking Swedish.* A bit like ~ befuddled, bamboozled. Don’t confuse with ~ anything. If you like this word, try ~ nincompoop. * This won’t make any sense if you are actually Swedish.


“Koala Calamity” – Harper Collins’ ‘Awesome Animals’ Series
You Snooze You Lose!
Surf’s Up!
Phenomenal! The Small Book of Big Words
The XMAS Factor

Joanne Nethercott

Joanne Nethercott
With a degree in illustration from Scotland, Joanne now lives in Cornwall where she can lose herself in a timeless world of fantastical creatures, mythical landscapes and imaginative narratives.

Books by Joanne Nethercott

Ginger Nut
Calum McGregor is a blond boy in a ginger family. His mum and dad have red hair, his big sister and brother have red hair, his grandpa had red hair before he went bald, and he even has a cat called Ginger. Calum is fed up with being the odd one out, so he takes matters into his own hands and decides to make his hair ginger!

Lost at the Zoo
Rory the pet mouse goes on a trip to Edinburgh Zoo in Sam’s pocket. He leans out to get a better look and falls into the anteater’s enclosure. How will wee Rory ever find Sam again in the enormous zoo?
World Rights: Floris

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James Jauncey

James Jauncey

James Jauncey grew up in Edinburgh and Perthshire and studied law at Aberdeen University. He spent much of his twenties travelling and working as a journalist and business writer. In the same year, at the age of 40, he moved back to Scotland and published his first novel. He has written for children, adults and young adults and writes business books under the name Jamie Jauncey. His YA fiction in particular has been nominated for numerous awards; both The Witness and The Reckoning were shortlisted for the Royal Mail Scottish Children’s Book Awards.

James’s website: http://www.jamesjauncey.com

James Jauncey is represented at Jenny Brown Associates by Jenny. For all enquiries contact jenny@jennybrownassociates.com

Books by James

The Reckoning
Young Picador, November 2010


Standing on the beach watching the early morning-mist roll in off the sea, Fin is thinking about the day when he can escape to the mainland. His sister got away, but no one has heard from her in two years. Fin’s thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a car on the bridge above him. He hears doors slam, voices, a scream and then, for a brief moment, he glimpses a figure falling through the fog. It’s a young girl and she dies in Fin’s arms.

Did the dead girl jump or was she pushed? Sceptical of the official suicide verdict, Fin is determined to find the truth, a hunt that will lead him closer to his missing sister and to a shocking secret at the heart of his island community.

Praise for The Reckoning

A thriller for intelligent and sensitive teenagers … Deeply poetic and reflective, full of rich and evocative  language and concerns – family breakdown, a threatened community, racism – which haunt every generation
The Big Issue

The Reckoning is … both a tense thriller and a moving man-into-boy story
The Telegraph


Gaby Halberstam

Gaby Halberstam
Gaby Halberstam was born and spent the first fifteen years of her life in South Africa. She now lives with her family in London.

Books by Gaby Halberstam
Gaby Halberstam - Noor Inayat Khan
Noor Inayat Khan
Published November 2013 by A&C Black

Noor Khan was a pacifist, an Indian Muslim, a poet and children’s author. During WWII she joined the Special Operations Executive and was sent to Nazi-occipied France as a wireless operator, transmitting vital secret messages. When her network was broken and her colleagues captured by the Nazis, she refused to abandon what had become the most important and dangerous post in France, as the last link between London and Paris. She was executed in Dachau in 1944 after being betrayed to the Nazis, and was posthumously awarded the George Cross and Croix de Guerre. The astonishing story of a true British hero.

Gaby Halberstam - The Golem
The Golem
Published July 2012 by A&C Black

The Jewish people of Prague are under threat. So the Rabbi creates a golem, a giant clay man, to defend them. But the creature rampages out of control and the Rabbi must put a stop to it.

Gaby Halberstam - Boudicca
Published July 2012 by A&C Black

Following the death of her husband, Boudica, queen of the Iceni tribe, is brutally attacked by the occupying Romanforces. Her home is pillaged, her daughters abused, and her land stolen from under her. Fearless, intelligent and determined, shemanages to free her daughters and escape, returning with the might of an angry supporting army. With a story packed full of bloodybattles, fierce fighting and brutal military tactics, Boudica is an iconic figure of war and womanhood, whose legendary life story still resonates today.

Blue Sky Freedom
South Africa, 1975 – Victoria’s childhood friend Maswe has been badly beaten up and he needs somewhere to hide. Victoria agrees to help him, but soon the police are asking questions and searching her house. What has Maswe done? As Victoria’s feeling for Maswe deepen, she makes a dangerous journey to deliver a vital message, risking her own life to keep his safe. But apartheid is tightening its brutal grip on the country and Maswe doesn’t want to hide for ever …
A story of love, loss and courage set against the backdrop of apartheid-torn South Africa.
Sensitive and exciting’ – Telegraph
World Rights: Macmillan Children’s Books

The Red Dress
It was like looking into the crimson depths of a giant poppy. Rifke slipped the dress over her head and darted a glance at Ma. Her mouth was set in a straight line.
The argument over the red dress is the final straw for fourteen-year-old Rifke. Fed up with stuffy Johannesburg and her crabby, difficult mother, she recklessly boards a train out of town. But her fantasy escape doesn’t go exactly to plan and suddenly she is stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no train home for thirty days. Set in 1944 in the sweltering South African wilderness, this is a powerful coming-of-age story about family and first love.
World Rights: Macmillan Children’s Books

Other Titles, published by A&C Black
The Golem

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Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes

Emma was born and raised in Edinburgh, spending hours making up stories for her younger sister. Her first writing success as an adult was when she won a short story competition – the prize was a pair of shoes. Nowadays she wears them for school visits, where her aim is always to spark children’s imaginations and create a passion for writing and stories.

Twitter: @EmmaBarnesWrite

Books by Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes - Chloe's Secret Fairy Godmother Club
Chloe’s Secret Fairy Godmother Club

Expected publication: July 2017 by Scholastic

Eliza’s not sure about the news that she is going to be a big sister, but when her friends Chloe and Aisha say that they can practise by becoming fairy godmothers, a new club is born: The Secret Fairy Godmother Club. But the three friends soon find out that being a fairy godmother isn’t easy, especially when their homemade love potion goes wrong and their magical makeover doesn’t turn out quite so magical after all. Can the Club fix everything in time before the new baby arrives?

Emma Barnes - Chloe's Secret Princess Club
Chloe’s Secret Princess Club

Published September 2016 by Scholastic

Chloe never means to get into trouble but sometimes her plans get a little out of control. With her two best friends, she forms a Secret Club dedicated to making their dreams come true – but fantasy and reality don’t always mix!

Wild Thing - Emma Barnes
Wild Thing
She’s a demon child She’s not meek and mild She’s wild! Kate has a problem. It’s called Wild Thing. Wild Thing is Kate’s little sister. Kate’s tried to get her rid of her, but the problem is no-one else would have her. When Wild Thing’s not getting things stuck up her nose, she’s biting people’s bottoms and scaring the neighbours. All in all, she’s a pain in the bum – quite literally. So when it’s time for Wild Thing to start school, Kate is understandably nervous – especially when Wild Thing comes downstairs dressed in her favourite Rock Chick outfit (complete with wig…). On her first day at school Wild Thing: refuses to sit down, plays air guitar while the other children are singing sweetly, and chops her hair off in Arts and Crafts. She’s so wild she even gets into the local newspaper!
Scholastic, 2014, World

Wild Thing Gets A Dog - Emma Barnes
Wild Thing Gets A Dog
She’s a demon child She’s not meek and mild She’s wild! Wild Thing and Kate want a dog. So when Dad’s friend, Wes, goes on tour in America with his band, Wild Thing volunteers to look after his trusty Hound Dog. But if there’s anything that can make Wild Thing even more noisy, messy, mischievous and downright wild, it’s Hound Dog. When Wild Thing starts walking on all fours, barking at the neighbour’s cat, and refusing to eat ‘human’ food, Dad knows that things have got completely out of hand. But then he’s invited to join the band in the US, and it’s up to Gran to try and discipline Wild Thing and Hound Dog. Kate’s too busy rehearsing for the Talent Show. What she doesn’t realise is that Wild Thing and Hound Dog have been preparing a special performance of their own…
Scholastic, 2014, World

The Girl from Hard Times Hill - Emma Barnes
The Girl From Hard Times Hill
When Megan’s father finally returns from Occupied Germany in the years following World War II, she should be pleased – shouldn’t she? But she hardly knows her father, and his arrival means moving out of Nana’s house into the city. Megan hates the changes to her life, yet when she has the opportunity to be the first member of her working-class family to go to Grammar School, it is her dad who is behind her all the way. Can Megan adapt to her new life, and take advantage of a changing Britain?
A & C Black, 2014, World


Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher

This was first published in 2001 to great critical acclaim.  It has now been reissued with new illustrations from the award-winning Emma Chichester Clark.

Rights: Strident


How (Not) to Make Bad Children Good

Ever since she bit Santa when she was six months old, it’s been downhill all the way for Martha. Far away from earth, her behaviour comes to the attention of the Interstellar Agency, whose aim is to make bad children good, but Martha has other ideas…

Rights: Strident



Lucie has always longed for a dog.  But not one this big.  Or with such sharp teeth.  Or with such a hungry look in its eyes.  Lucie realise her new pet is not a dog … but a wolf, and a wolf with magic powers.

Rights: Strident

Thoroughly recommended. Funny, clever and very satisfying.” Books for Keeps

A lovely book” – The Bookbag

Other books by Emma Barnes:


Emma Barnes is represented at Jenny Brown Associates by Lucy – lucy@jennybrownassociates.com