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Tony Evans

Tony Evans
Tony Evans has been football editor of The Times for five years and was born a Liverpool fan. He writes a weekly column for The Game, The Times’ weekly football supplement. He came to journalism at the age of 29 and spent his 20s following Liverpool and playing in bands, including a stint in The Farm. His first book, about Liverpool’s treble winning team of 1983-84, is published by Viking.
Tony Evans - I don't know what it is but I Love It
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Tom English

Tom English
Tom English is a freelance journalist who specialises in rugby. Having been forced to retire from the game because of a knee injury he has covered club, pro-team and international rugby for Scotland on Sunday, the Sunday Herald, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Books by Tom English

The Grudge: Two Nations, One Match, No Holds Barred
Longlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award 2010. The Grudge brilliantly recaptures a day that has gone down in history – when a rugby match became more than a game. This is the real story of an extraordinary conflict, told with astounding insight and unprecedented access to key players, coaches and supporters on both sides (Will Carling, Ian McGeechan, Brian Moore and the rest). A gripping account of a titanic struggle that thrusts the reader right into the heart of the action.

‘The finest book written on the tournament … English has produced an absolutely outstanding work, weaving in the strands of history, politics, sociology, dislike and tactical nous, which makes the game probably the most remarkable ever played in the grand old tournament. The insights provided into the minds and roles of Jim Telfer and Brian Moore are worth the price alone’ – The Times
World Rights: Yellow Jersey Press
Film Option: Bedlam Productions

Behind the Lions: Playing Rugby for the British and Irish Lions With Stephen Jones, David Barnes and Nick Cain
For 125 years the British & Irish Lions have stood out as a unique emblem in world sport; steeped in history and tradition while maintaining a vibrant standing in the modern era. Behind the Lions sees four esteemed rugby writers from each of the Home Nations delve to the very heart of what it means to be a Lion, interviewing a vast array of former tourists to uncover the passion, pride and honour experienced when wearing the famous red jersey.
Publication Date: Autumn 2012
World Rights: Polaris Publishing

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Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle
Tom Doyle is an acclaimed music journalist, author and longstanding contributing editor to Q, whose work has also appeared in Mojo, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Elle, The Times and Sound On Sound. Over the years, he has been responsible for key magazine cover profiles of Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Kate Bush, Elton John, R.E.M. and U2, amongst many others. He is also the author of The Glamour Chase – The Maverick Life of Billy MacKenzie (Bloomsbury 1998, reissued by Polygon, 2011), which has attained the status of a ‘classic rock biography’ (Q) since its original publication and was awarded a rare five stars in Mojo upon being republished. His second book, Man on the Run, about Paul McCartney’s tumultuous 1970s, was published in the UK by Polygon in 2013 and by Ballantine in the US in 2014. Tom is represented by Kevin – kevin@jennybrownassociates.com

Man-on-the-Run-Cover-w TomDoyle_Glamourcover

Tim Harris

href=”mailto:stan@jennybrownassociates.com”>stan@jennybrownassociates.comTim Harris
Tim Harris used to work in advertising. He lives in London with his wife and children.

Books by Tim Harris

It may be natural to play games, but the sports we love aren’t natural at all. Each and every one of them has been invented, tweaked, pushed and pulled to come up with better rules, cleverer tactics and more effective techniques. There are no prizes for guessing who invented the Cruyff Turn or the Fosbury Flop – but who invented the header or the sliding tackle? The dive pass or the scrum? The lob or the smash? The sand wedge or the tee? The googly or the flipper? This book introduces 250 men, women and animals, each of whom has transformed at least one major sport. Famous or infamous, remembered or forgotten, god-like or god-awful, the game was never the same after them. In making his selection, Tim Harris, author of “Sport”, has drawn on years of passion, argument and research to produce a list that is at once personal and authoritative, provocative and challenging: the rogues, rulers and revolutionaries who shaped the games we play today.
World Rights: Yellow Jersey Press

Sport: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
Why are there so many more ‘Uniteds’ than ‘Athletics’ in football? Why no ‘Uniteds’ in Rugby Union? Why are hoops common in rugby and stripes in football? Why a ‘try’? Why a racing ‘eight’? Why ‘pits’ in motor sport? Why is tennis called ‘tennis’? Why a ‘service’? Why such a weird scoring system? Why water ‘polo’? Why British racing ‘green’ of all colours? Why did Napoleon build a football stadium? Why 18 holes in golf? Why a Kop? Why do huntsman wear red coats? And the Lions play in red but England in white?

All these questions – and many more – are answered in Tim Harris’ insanely ambitious – but deeply readable – history of sport.
‘Anyone with a love of and interest in sport should keep this book within arms reach at all times.’ – Adrian Chiles, writer and presenter of The One Show and Match of the Day 2
‘[Harris’s] lively, often opinionated account is a very good reason to ignore W G Grace’s advice: “Never read print. It spoils one’s eye for the ball’ – Independent on Sunday
‘The perfect stocking filler, if the stocking can hold its considerable weight’ – The Times (Books of the Year)
World Rights: Yellow Jersey Press
Publication Date: Autumn 2007

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Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones by Chris Bourchie
Stephen Jones is the award-winning rugby correspondent of The Sunday Times and a former UK sports journalist of the year. He is the author of several books on the sport, including Lion Man: The Autobiography of Ian McGeechan, Midnight Rugby: Triumph and Shambles in the Professional Era, and Endless Winter: The Inside Story of the Rugby Revolution, which was the winner of the prestigious William Hill Sports Book of the Year award.

Books by Stephen Jones

Behind the Lions: Playing Rugby for the British & Irish Lions
For 125 years the British & Irish Lions have stood out as a unique emblem in world sport. They represent the best of the best from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, coming together every four years under a united badge to take on the rugby greats of the southern hemisphere. Lions tours are steeped in history and tradition yet maintain a vibrant standing in the modern era. The Lions badge is a symbol of the ethics, values and the romance at the heart of Test match rugby union and represents the pinnacle for every international player in Britain and Ireland. As the Lions party departs the shores of Britain and Ireland, a great red wave of support follows them as thousands of fans make a rugby pilgrimage to see their heroes do battle with the superpowers of the world game… and with the weight of history itself. Behind the Lions sees four esteemed rugby writers from each of the Home Nations delve to the very heart of what it means to be a Lion, interviewing a vast array of former tourists to uncover the passion, pride and honour experienced when wearing the famous red jersey. It is a tale of heart-break and ecstasy, humour and poignancy that is at once inspirational, moving and utterly compelling. And it is the only story worth hearing: the players own. This is the history of the British & Irish Lions… in their own words.

Birlinn, 2012

Phil Ashley

Phil Ashley
Phil Ashley has followed a life in photography. After studying in Hertfordshire and Swansea, he returned to London to spend his younger years working in the studios of many leading lights of the art. At age just 25 he set up his own studio and has spent many of the intervening years photographing people, products and places for the likes of The Observer, Nokia, Glaxo Smith Klineand Getty Images. Road cycling is his sporting passion. He lives in Middlesex with his wife and daughter.

Books by Phil Ashley

12_months_ONIX Phil Ashley - How to be a cyclist

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Richard Purden

Richard Purden
Richard Purden grew up in Edinburgh but with family roots in Limerick and the west of Scotland he always felt a strong connection to Irish literature, culture and of course, Celtic FC. While studying at the University of Stirling he began to write arts reviews for student magazine Brig and on graduating he was first published in the Celtic View, Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman, The Irish Examiner and The Irish Post. More recently he has contributed to Four Four Two, the Sunday Mail and the award-winning Herald Saturday magazine.

Books by Richard Purden

We Are Celtic Supporters
In We Are Celtic Supporters Richard Purden examines what created the culture, ideas and beliefs around Celtic football club. In new and exclusive interviews with supporters, he explores the Celtic way of life and the rich traditions that give context to much of the support while deconstructing some myths along the way.

As a travelling supporter he visits a variety of fans in locations such as New York, Spain, Germany, Italy and various parts of the UK. He talks to well-known Celtic supporters such as James MacMillan about the often misrepresented Catholic roots, to Pat Nevin about why he fell out of love with the club and to a number of well-known rock ‘n’ rollers such as Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie and Johnny Marr.

We Are Celtic Supporters gives the inside story of how major events in Celtic’s history have shaped the identity of the fans, and what it really means to follow this unique football club.
Headline, 2012

Sue Martin

Since leaving the homes, Sue Martin has had a number of different jobs including working in retail, on a farm and in childcare before settling on the catering industry. Sue ran a Bed and Breakfast and then set up and ran a successful restaurant in Cornwall.

Books by Sue Martin

No Way Home
Sue Martin was not three years old when she began life at her first children’s home: a home that could at best be described as cold and regimented; at worst, torturous and terrifying. When her mother abandoned her to the protection of the home, Sue was soon to discover that behind the welcoming doors of this reputedly kind-hearted organisation lay a world steeped in lies, cover-ups, victimisation and abuse. At its heart was Boagey, whose perverse bullying was targeted at Sue. Her attacks quickly progressed from the gratuitous punishment of an innocent child to sordid gratification of her sexual whims. Sue’s story is one of institutional abuse – of physical, mental and emotional torture of the most appalling kind – but it also a story full of joy, humour and many victories – small and large – against her abusers.

Utterly compelling and shockingly revelatory, No Way Home will astound, move and inspire.
World Rights: Random House (Vermilion)
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Sue Lawrence

Sue Lawrence

After winning fame on the BBC’s MasterChef in 1991, Sue Lawrence has forged a career as one of the UK’s leading cookery writers. She writes a regular column for Scotland on Sunday, wrote for the Sunday Times for six years and regularly contributes to Sainsbury’s Magazine, Woman & Home, Country Living and BBC Good Food Magazine. A regular face on British and Australian television, until 2011 she was one of the food experts on STV’s The Hour. Raised in Dundee, she now lives in Edinburgh.

Sue’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/suehlawrence

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Selected Books by Sue Lawrence

 The Night He Left
Freight Books, April 2016

Sue Lawrence - The Night He Left

At 7pm on 28th December 1879 a violent storm batters the newly-built iron rail bridge across the River Tay, close to the city of Dundee. Ann Craig, a wealthy woman, is waiting for her husband, a mill owner, to return home. From her window she sees the bridge collapse, the train he is travelling on ploughing into the sea, killing all those on board. As Ann investigates the events leading up to the crash, doubt is cast on whether Robert was on the train after all. If not, where is he, and who is the mysterious woman who is first to be washed ashore? In the present day, Fiona Craig’s new partner Pete, an Australian restaurateur, clears the couple’s bank account before abandoning his car at Dundee Airport and disappearing. When the police discover his car is stolen, Fiona conducts her own investigation into Pete’s background, slowly uncovering dark secrets and strange parallels with the events of 1879. Following on from her acclaimed debut, Fields of Blue Flax, Sue Lawrence serves up another brilliant historical mystery, meticulously researched and densely plotted, with plenty of twists and turns and a gripping climax.

Praise for The Night He Left

I found this book enthralling. It’s a cracking story beautifully told
Lorraine Kelly

Lawrence’s parallel plotlines advance in lock-step with each other over alternate chapters, with spooky similarities but also crucial differences, until they’re entwined to great effect towards the end
Sunday Herald Life 

A gripping tale
Daily Record 

The Night He Left is a deft mix of vivid storytelling, intriguing mystery and building momentum, skilfully interwoven with the history of the Tay Bridge disaster
Scottish Field

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29417273-the-night-he-left

Fields of Blue Flax
Freight Books, May 2015

Sue Lawrence - Fields of Blue Flax

Dark Victorian secrets mirror the pattern of betrayal and deception in the present.

Set in Edinburgh and Dundee, Fields of Blue Flax is the parallel story of, in the past, dark Victorian secrets uncovered and, in the present, how an innocent interest in genealogy brings a family to the brink of destruction. Cousins Mags and Christine are complete opposites, one conventional the other bohemian. As family life with husbands and children intertwine, their joint research into the family history uncovers a forgotten relative, Elizabeth Barrie, born in the late nineteenth century in the north east village of Tannadice. Elizabeth’s origins aren’t what they appear to be, hiding a shocking scandal at the very heart of a prominent, ‘respectable’ family. Unprepared for what they will find about their relative, the truth at the heart of Elizabeth’s story mirrors the cousins’ own equally dysfunctional family lives. Both Mags and Christine find out in different ways that uncovering a family’s past can have unexpected and revocable consequences for those living in the present.

Praise for Fields of Blue Flax

Researching your family tree has never been easier and the secrets that previous generations thought they had taken to the grave are now ripe for discovery by an internet savvy generation keen to uncover their past. Such family secrets and lies are the ingredients for food writer Sue Lawrence’s debut novel Fields of Blue Flax… As the protagonists chop, stir and simmer their way through breakfasts, lunches and dinners of family life, there is comfort food and cold comfort food, a killer broth and some to-die-for brownies, all served up in what is a satisfying tale of revenge served both hot and cold
Scotland on Sunday

Scottish Baking
Birlinn, July 2014

Other books by Sue Lawrence

In recent times Britain as a whole can’t get enough of programmes like The Great British Bake-off and The Fabulous Baker Boys, but Scotland has always had a wonderful tradition of baking in both sweet and savoury recipes. Leading cookery writer Sue Lawrence has now combined her two passions, for baking and Scottish cooking, into one definitive book. A compendium of 70 easy-to-follow recipes, it brings together the traditional breads, scones and cakes that have shaped Scotland’s great baking heritage and new contemporary bakes like Sticky Toffee Apple Cake and Coconut Cherry Chocolate Traybake. Cooks everywhere will want to try these delicious recipes from Scotland. This is a book that will reach out to anyone who loves to dabble with flour, sugar, butter – and a griddle!

Praise for Scottish Baking

Sue Lawrence is a rock star

Breathtakingly clear photography, paired with minimalist layout, help contemporise the humble scone, oatcake and bannock, reflecting their renewed appreciation by a younger generation of bakers . . . Beats the GBBO’s fussy showstoppers hands-down

Simon Spence

Simon Spence
Simon Spence collaborated with Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham on the classic memoirs Stoned and 2Stoned and is author of the highly acclaimed 2012 biography The Stone Roses: War and Peace and the recent Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas. His latest book is When The Screaming Stops: The Dark History of the Bay City Rollers. He has written for NME, Dazed & Confused, The Face, i-D, The Independent, The Japan Times, International New York Times and Q.

Simon Spence - Happy Mondays   Simon Spence - Still Breathing

   Spence_JustCan't_cover    bay-city-rollers-cover_2

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