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Tim Harris used to work in advertising. He lives in London with his wife and children.

Books by Tim Harris

It may be natural to play games, but the sports we love aren’t natural at all. Each and every one of them has been invented, tweaked, pushed and pulled to come up with better rules, cleverer tactics and more effective techniques. There are no prizes for guessing who invented the Cruyff Turn or the Fosbury Flop – but who invented the header or the sliding tackle? The dive pass or the scrum? The lob or the smash? The sand wedge or the tee? The googly or the flipper? This book introduces 250 men, women and animals, each of whom has transformed at least one major sport. Famous or infamous, remembered or forgotten, god-like or god-awful, the game was never the same after them. In making his selection, Tim Harris, author of “Sport”, has drawn on years of passion, argument and research to produce a list that is at once personal and authoritative, provocative and challenging: the rogues, rulers and revolutionaries who shaped the games we play today.
World Rights: Yellow Jersey Press

Sport: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
Why are there so many more ‘Uniteds’ than ‘Athletics’ in football? Why no ‘Uniteds’ in Rugby Union? Why are hoops common in rugby and stripes in football? Why a ‘try’? Why a racing ‘eight’? Why ‘pits’ in motor sport? Why is tennis called ‘tennis’? Why a ‘service’? Why such a weird scoring system? Why water ‘polo’? Why British racing ‘green’ of all colours? Why did Napoleon build a football stadium? Why 18 holes in golf? Why a Kop? Why do huntsman wear red coats? And the Lions play in red but England in white?

All these questions – and many more – are answered in Tim Harris’ insanely ambitious – but deeply readable – history of sport.
‘Anyone with a love of and interest in sport should keep this book within arms reach at all times.’ – Adrian Chiles, writer and presenter of The One Show and Match of the Day 2
‘[Harris’s] lively, often opinionated account is a very good reason to ignore W G Grace’s advice: “Never read print. It spoils one’s eye for the ball’ – Independent on Sunday
‘The perfect stocking filler, if the stocking can hold its considerable weight’ – The Times (Books of the Year)
World Rights: Yellow Jersey Press
Publication Date: Autumn 2007

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