Alison Murray

Alison grew up in Lanarkshire and studied Textile Design at Glasgow School of Art. After graduating she moved to London where she tried out lots of different jobs including selling books for Waterstones and designing rugs for Habitat. She completed an MA in Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex University, after which she co-founded a successful interactive media company. After selling her company Alison moved back to Scotland with her family to focus on her work as an illustrator and author. She now has a string of successful picture books to her name and has been shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards. Alison lives in Glasgow with her husband and their dog.

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Books by Alison

Sharky McShark and the Shiny Shell Squabble

Sharky McShark and the Shiny Shell Squabble

Hachette, 2024

Sharky McShark and her best friend Teensy Wee Crab do everything together at the bottom of the deep blue see. They really are the perfect twosome. Until one day – with a plink! twirl! plonk! – an itsy bitsy shrimp arrives on the scene. Is there room for one more in this friendship? Sharky’s not so SHORE…

A vibrant and fun-filled undersea story about sharing, making new friends and overcoming feelings of jealousy.


Hachette, March 2022

Nina is a small girl living in a BIG city. She loves her home, but she has a secret wish… It begins as a niggle in her tummy, then it grows to an ache in her heart, until one day it grows so much she can no longer contain it:

“I wish this city could be different!” she shouts.

But what can Nina do? She’s only small and small things don’t count. Then she hears a little voice at her feet…

“Everything starts with something small.”

Visually striking and sensitively told, Pooka is the story of one small girl who is empowered by a visit from a magical nature sprite to positively transform her city.

Sharky McShark and the Teensy Wee Crab

Hachette, October 2020

Sharky McSharkface is the meanest, most fearsome creature in the ocean. When she’s around, the clownfish clear out, the flatfish flee, and even the rocks get out of her way. Sharky is the biggest bully in the sea. She has no friends and doesn’t want any. But then one day – with a plink! plank! plonk! – a teensy wee crab comes tumbling into her world . . . A fun-filled undersea story exploring bullying, friendship and the true meaning of courage, based on Aesop’s classic fable, The Lion and the Mouse.

Orchard Bedtime Stories

Hachette October 2018

Find twelve classic nursery stories in this gloriously illustrated hardback treasury, with a beautiful foil finish. The collection includes favourite fairy tales Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Ugly Duckling, The Three Little Pigs and The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, along with traditional tales such as Anna and the Bear, Twenty Cheeky Monkeys and Little Peachling and the Giants, and more, retold with warmth and humour by acclaimed author Margaret Mayo and stunningly illustrated by bestselling illustrator.

The Little Green Hen

Expected publication: June 2018 by Orchard Books

A fun-filled retelling of The Little Red Hen with important messages about caring for our environment and working together!

The beautiful apple tree is home to the Little Green Hen, who tends it lovingly every day – pruning, sowing new seeds and keeping the pests at bay. But not everyone wants to help. Peacock, Cat and Fox have far more important things to do – until the day a storm floods the countryside and the apple tree is the only shelter …

Dino Duckling

Orchard Books, October 2017

A funny and touching celebration of difference, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling.

Dino Duckling can dive, swim and fish just like his duckling brothers and sisters. But when the time comes for the family fly south for the winter, Dino Duckling finds he really is different … Can this very special family find a way to stick together?

Hare and Tortoise The Favourite Aesop’s Fable

Orchard Books, 2015

Hare is the fastest on the farm. Tortoise is as slow as they go. So when they decide to have a race, Hare is certain to win . . . isn’t he?

Hare and Tortoise shortlisted for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2017.

Fairy Felicity’s Moonlight Adventure

One night, Fairy Felicity opens her door to find a mysterious invitation from a friendly silver snail. His trail leads Felicity all the way to a very special surprise!

Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten

Nosy Crow, 2014

Princess Penelope chases the kitten, all tangled up with wool, through the palace and its grounds. Run your finger along the crazy pink glitter trail of shapes as she leaps and jumps through the book.

US rights: Candlewick Press
French rights: Gallimard Jeunesse

The House That Zac Built

Orchard Books, 2014

Zac is so busy playing with his toy building blocks that he doesn’t notice a cute little kitten is causing animal chaos around the farm . . .
Who would think that such a tiny cat could cause such pandemonium! It’s up to Zac to put things right again.

Hickory Dickory Dog

Zac and Rufus, like all best friends, are inseparable. So, when Zac goes to playschool, his pup goes too and joins in with EVERYTHING . . resulting in one very messy pup at home time!
Orchard Books, 2013
US rights: Candlewick Press
French rights: Hatier Jeunesse

Little Mouse

Birlinn, July 2014

Little Mouse can waddle like a penguin, eat like a horse and splash like a whale. So why does her mother call her Little Mouse?
Orchard Books, 2013
US, French and Chinese as normal, plus:
Danish rights: Gyldendal Bogklubber

One Two That’s My Shoe

Join in the chase as Georgie and Grace learn to count from 1 to 10.

One, Two, That’s My Shoe Longlisted for the UK Literary Association Award

Published by Orchard Books, 2011

Apple Pie ABC

Follow the funny exploits of the utterly lovable pup as he does his best to get his paws on the pie!

Shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Award
Longlisted for the UK Literary Association Award
Selected as an honour book for the US Charlotte Zolotow Award

Published by Orchard Books, 2010