Ever Dundas

Ever Dundas gained a Creative Writing Masters with Distinction from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011, and she has a First Class Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Queen Margaret University. She has had several short stories and dark fairy tales published and her work has been shortlisted for awards. She is currently working on her second novel.


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Books by Ever


Angry Robot Books: January 2023 A fierce, fast and fun sci-fi thriller which shines a bright light on how society works against the marginalised. Set in a fictional UK, HellSans explores a world where governmental and public communication cause bliss to the majority of the population, but a severe allergic reaction to the minority. This ubiquitous typeface is the ultimate control device, marginalising and outcasting people. HellSans provides a unique approach to the perspectives of the haves and have-nots: written in three parts, parts one and two can be read in either order. Ever Dundas writes: “HellSans was written as a response to my experience as a disabled person in Tory austerity UK. When the pandemic hit, everyone talked about suddenly existing in a dystopia, but disabled people had already been living a dystopia of stigma and discrimination for over a decade. While fictional and heightened, and first and foremost a sci-fi thriller, HellSans is a reflection of that experience.”


Winner of the Saltire First Book Award 2017 ‘A captivating and capricious debut that explores with a deft hand the ‘creature world’ we all carry somewhere inside. Hops neatly and with verve between contemporary Edinburgh and wartime London of the 1940s, as seen through the eyes of a wonderfully idiosyncratic narrator who glints and gleams like a dirty gem.’ Mary Paulsen-Ellis (author of the Other Mrs Walker) Ian McEwan’s Atonement meets Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth in this extraordinary debut. A novel set between the past and present with magical realist elements. Goblin is an outcast girl growing up in London during World War 2. Having been rejected by her mother, she leads a feral life with a gang of young children. After witnessing a shocking event she increasingly takes refuge in a self-constructed but magical imaginary world. In 2011, a chance meeting and an unwanted phone call compels an elderly Goblin to return to London amidst the riots and face the ghosts of her past. Will she discover the truth buried deep in her fractured memory or retreat to the safety of near madness? In Goblin, debut novelist Dundas has constructed an utterly beguiling historical tale with an unforgettable female protagonist at its centre. Praise for Goblin ‘A terrific debut novel… a meditation on trauma and loss that brims with wild joy”. – The Guardian ‘Profoundly affecting, intellectually challenging…beautifully written..a marvellous piece of work’ – The Scotsman “One of the standout debuts of the year’ – The Herald