Gaby Halberstam

Gaby Halberstam was born and spent the first fifteen years of her life in South Africa. She now lives with her family in London.

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Books by Gaby

Noor Inayat Khan

Published November 2013 by A&C Black Noor Khan was a pacifist, an Indian Muslim, a poet and children’s author. During WWII she joined the Special Operations Executive and was sent to Nazi-occipied France as a wireless operator, transmitting vital secret messages. When her network was broken and her colleagues captured by the Nazis, she refused to abandon what had become the most important and dangerous post in France, as the last link between London and Paris. She was executed in Dachau in 1944 after being betrayed to the Nazis, and was posthumously awarded the George Cross and Croix de Guerre. The astonishing story of a true British hero.

The Golem

Published July 2012 by A&C Black The Jewish people of Prague are under threat. So the Rabbi creates a golem, a giant clay man, to defend them. But the creature rampages out of control and the Rabbi must put a stop to it.


Published July 2012 by A&C Black Following the death of her husband, Boudica, queen of the Iceni tribe, is brutally attacked by the occupying Romanforces. Her home is pillaged, her daughters abused, and her land stolen from under her. Fearless, intelligent and determined, shemanages to free her daughters and escape, returning with the might of an angry supporting army. With a story packed full of bloodybattles, fierce fighting and brutal military tactics, Boudica is an iconic figure of war and womanhood, whose legendary life story still resonates today.

Blue Sky Freedom

World Rights: Macmillan Children’s Books South Africa, 1975 – Victoria’s childhood friend Maswe has been badly beaten up and he needs somewhere to hide. Victoria agrees to help him, but soon the police are asking questions and searching her house. What has Maswe done? As Victoria’s feeling for Maswe deepen, she makes a dangerous journey to deliver a vital message, risking her own life to keep his safe. But apartheid is tightening its brutal grip on the country and Maswe doesn’t want to hide for ever … A story of love, loss and courage set against the backdrop of apartheid-torn South Africa.

The Red Dress

World Rights: Macmillan Children’s Books ‘It was like looking into the crimson depths of a giant poppy. Rifke slipped the dress over her head and darted a glance at Ma. Her mouth was set in a straight line.’ The argument over the red dress is the final straw for fourteen-year-old Rifke. Fed up with stuffy Johannesburg and her crabby, difficult mother, she recklessly boards a train out of town. But her fantasy escape doesn’t go exactly to plan and suddenly she is stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no train home for thirty days. Set in 1944 in the sweltering South African wilderness, this is a powerful coming-of-age story about family and first love.