Helen Bellany

Helen Bellany was the partner and muse of the critically acclaimed artist John Bellany, and is an artist herself. They were married twice and had three children together.

Helen spent her early life in the far North of Scotland, and attended art school in Edinburgh, where she met John. Helen’s memoir, The Restless Wave, gives candid insight into their marriage and life in London, Edinburgh and Italy, their loss to one another, their second marriage and life together to the end.

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Books by Helen

The Restless Wave: My Two Lives with John Bellany

Sandstone Press, April 2018

Helen Bellany, twice married to the artist John Bellany, recalls their lives together in Scotland, London, and Italy, John’s rise from rebellious art student to internationally recognised artist, and the human cost inherent in creating great art. Inspired by the sea and the fishing community he was born into, John began his lifelong visionary journey exploring the human condition. From there, he deepened into a profound exploration of the human condition. The Restless Wave reflects the mystery, poetry and passion that was at the core of the inner life John and Helen shared. The couple had great friendships with such fellow artists as David Bowie, and John painted such internationally known figures as Billy Connelly, Sean Connery and Peter Maxwell Davis, as well as many portraits of his muse, Helen.

Praise for The Restless Wave:
“At once biography and autobiography, this is a searingly, sometimes shockingly, honest account of a relationship…a remarkable book, and deserves to be widely read.” Undiscovered Scotland