Jane Mackenzie

Jane splits her time between the Scottish Highlands and the village of Collioure in Roussillon, French Catalonia. She spent much of her life working in education and has taught all over the world – in Africa, the Arabian Gulf and Papua New Guinea. Most recently, she headed up the UK Government’s Liaison Office at CERN in Switzerland; nowadays, however, she devotes most of her time to writing.

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Books by Jane

Tapestry of War

Allison & Busby, 2018 From the deserts of North Africa, to the waters of Scotland, the Second World War touches the lives of two women from two very different worlds. In Alexandria, Fran finds her world turned upside down as Rommel’s forces advance on the idyllic shores of Egypt. The life of luxury and stability that she is used to is taken away as she finds herself having to deal with loss, heartache and political uncertainty. Meanwhile, in the Firth of Clyde, Catriona struggles between her quiet rural life and her dreams of nursing injured servicemen on the front lines. As the war rages on, the two women’s lives become intertwined – bringing love and friendship to both.

Autumn in Catalonia

Allison & Busby, October 2015

It is 1963, and in her mansion in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Joana idles her days away, banished by her powerful husband and alienated from her family. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, her daughter Carla is impoverished and in trouble. Hating all her parents stand for, Carla has embraced the student movement against the Franco regime, but her father has been watching her, and, just before their wedding, her beloved fiancé Luc is arrested.

Pregnant Carla runs to her grandmother Maria, terrified, powerless to help either Luc or herself. Maria shelters her, but they know their movements are still being followed. Why did her daughter Joana marry into the Franco regime and abandon her family? Maria has never understood.

This is the story of three generations of women, torn apart by the Spanish Civil War. It takes the arrival of an unknown cousin, Martin, for them to start building bridges, to unite to face the enemy together, one autumn in Catalonia.

Praise for Autumn in Catalonia

Mackenzie evocatively captures the beauty of the Banyuls region of France and how its mix of French and Catalan culture forms something unique . . . This is a novel of quiet intensity and deep emotion
– Daily Mail


Daughter of Catalonia

Alisson & Busby, April 2014

In war-torn France, charismatic Spaniard Luis elopes with high-born Elise from Paris and takes her to live in a small village in Catalonia. Little do they know that war will rip them apart, sending Elise into unhappy exile in England, and Luis to his death in the Resistance.

Many years later their daughter Madeleine returns to France to seek out her roots and the truth of her parents’ story. But her arrival in the Catalan village of her childhood unleashes more than she had bargained for, as Madeleine confronts the secrets of war and learns the shocking truth behind her father’s death. And as her own love story begins, she must come to terms with her past, and learn to forgive and to believe in the legacy of love her parents left behind.

Praise for Daughter of Catalonia

It is hard to believe it is a first novel, the writing is so good
Newbooks Magazine