Jock Eldon

Jock Eldon has worked as a psychotherapist and organisational psychologist for over thirty years – his consulting work gave him a ringside seat at the 2008 banking crisis. He has also been the chair of Scotland’s largest aid agency, Mercy Corps Europe, and a Non-Executive Director of NHS Lothian. Jock lives in Edinburgh with his family.

Jock is working on his debut novel Glorious: John Childers is a charismatic, cynical financier – the consigliere to Sir Terry Gordon, ‘The Tartan Terrier’ sociopathic CEO of the New Caledonia Bank. Haunted by demons he barely understands John conspires to bring down Terry and the Bank… not that Terry needs much help. John is treated for his subsequent nervous breakdown by the psychiatrist Dr Grace Roberts in a mysterious hospital on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Under Grace’s skilled care John starts to recover, and his therapy becomes a powerful journey of healing for both of them. But will they have the courage to follow that journey to the end? And what was the real reason for New Caledonia’s spectacular collapse?

Part black comedy, part road to redemption and tragic love story, Glorious is a novel of psychological breakdown and recovery set against the background of the banking crisis of 2008.

Jock’s Twitter: @JockEldon

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