submission procedure

We are happy to read new work from potential clients, but please note that some of us open our lists only at certain times of the year. Check the individual agent’s details before sending your work.  Do first browse our list of authors to get a good idea of the kind of writing we handle. In our experience the most successful unsolicited approaches are those which have been carefully targeted to our agency, rather than a blanket approach to lots of agencies. We don’t represent poetry, light romance, self-help or academic work. Please note that we don’t represent dramatic works (scripts for screen, radio or stage), but we do handle dramatisation of books for our clients.

Submissions by email: We prefer to receive submissions by email. You will find our individual preferences and email addresses listed on the About Us page. Please email your submission directly to the agent you feel will be most compatible with your work. We read all submissions made to us in order of receipt. Please note that we will only respond to submissions if we wish to read more. If you have not heard back from us within eight weeks then you can assume that we do not feel that the work is right for our agency.

Submissions by post: our strong preference is for submission by email, but if this is not possible, then send a hard copy to your preferred agent at Jenny Brown Associates. 31 Marchmont Road, Edinburgh EH9 1HU. We will only respond if we wish to see more. Unfortunately we are unable to return material submitted, and our policy is to recycle all materials.

For fiction: send us the first 50 pages (no more) and a synopsis in a single document, with a covering letter (see below).

For non-fiction: email a proposal and short example of the proposed work—a sample chapter, for instance. Please include a short note on the competing or comparable literature stating, where possible, author, title, publisher and publication date. It would be helpful to have an overview of possible marketing outlets and a biographical note outlining your background, training and experience.

For children’s: our children’s agent Lucy Juckes writes, “Hello – Thank you for considering our agency. First of all, please check that my list is open for submissions – I open it twice a year and only consider new submissions then.To try to help you decide if you should submit your work, I’ll give you a few details of what I am looking for. My taste is varied but I love strong characters and a compelling story which stays with me once I’ve read it. I love to laugh and cry – I want to believe in the world you have created. I take on very few new writers or illustrators as I am focussed on looking after the brilliant clients I already represent. I probably take on just one or maybe two new clients each year, but if I love your writing or your illustration, then I will do my best to convince you to come to our agency. If you are submitting fiction, please send a covering letter (see below) together with a synopsis of your novel and the first three chapters (unless it is a picture book, in which case, please send three stories at their full length). If you are an illustrator, please e-mail a selection of JPEGs with a covering letter. We do not represent poetry or plays for children or educational material.”

All submissions: Please write a covering letter in the body of the email giving an account of the background of the book and your writing career to date. If you have been referred to us by a publishing or personal contact then make this clear. If you have had previous correspondence with one of our agents please mention this. We would appreciate knowing if your project has been sent to or is being considered by other agents or publishers.

Presenting your work:

Attach your work to the email in a document saved according to the following naming convention:

date of submission as of book.doc

For example:


We can only accept .doc, .docx or .pdf for text submissions and .jpeg, .gif or .pdf for illustrations.

Response and Turnaround

We try to promptly acknowledge receipt of email submissions, but we will only be back in touch with you if we wish to read more of your work. If you have not heard from us within eight weeks then you can assume that we are not the right agency for your project. Due to the number of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide detailed feedback on work which we do not represent.